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Meditations on Freedom

In each one of us there is an Egypt, a Pharaoh, and a Moses. At every point in time is an opportunity for another Exodus.
The smaller you make yourself, the easier to escape your cell.
We left Egypt because we never made peace with being slaves.
For which child is our deepest concern? The one who has no questions.
The moment you stop leaving your personal Egypt, you are back there again.
Darkness is created to vanish, but light is forever.
What makes us free? Simple deeds done each day, as agents of the One who is absolutely free.
There is no greater wonder than this life we live each day.
As soon as you stop leaving Egypt, you are back there again.
One day we will awaken to discover we are divine souls.
This is wisdom: To ask a question of perpetual wonder.
This year in Jerusalem! This year, we will all be free!
On this night, expect wonder.
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