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What If We Built the World’s Greatest Sukkah?
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Anonymous July 24, 2017

i wish they made more what ifs because theyre so good Reply

mordachai crown hights January 26, 2016

sukka video by the way a sukka on a animal isn't koshar Reply

Anonymous new york June 11, 2015

garaff it is so funny at the end when the garaff starts eating the leaves for the suckah and says "am only a garaff" Reply

Anonymous October 8, 2014

i wish their was a sukkah contest Reply

RAUL PONCE charlotte October 7, 2014


Anonymous Aimcsacbtig October 6, 2014

Really I think there should have only been one winner sharing the prize and they all celebrate together Reply

shifra pensylvania March 17, 2014

adorable why doesnt it have Rina in the other videos? SHES SO SWEET i really L OVE this video Reply

gani morristown December 29, 2013

we want more funny, educational, colorful, fresh. We want more Reply

Anonymous Livingston January 31, 2013

funny Reply

Irene Esparza Lubbock, Texas September 26, 2012

World's greatest Sukkah Cutest video!
I loved it.
Blessings. Reply

Anonymous Solon , Ohio July 11, 2012

they all say "yay" while he says "hey" Reply

Shani Roth Far Rockaway, USA June 26, 2012

Ha ha its funny!!!!!! I like it when everyone wins it teaches kids to stick together! Reply

Chaya Esther Calgary, AB April 2, 2012

Funny I Like When The Draf Says What Im A Draf Reply

Zipporah Malka Jerusalem, Israel April 2, 2012

More My grandson and I love these videos. More please, lots more. Reply

nana bney brak, israel April 2, 2012

sooo cute!! the videos are very very nica and funny!! i was laughing withe my kids... Reply

Andrew B. Toronto, Canada October 16, 2011

Funny, but... It wasn't realistic to have the giraffe talking in a Jersey accent. I mean, c'mon - he totally would have had a New York accent!

Happy Sukkot, everyone! Reply

Linda Slotzberg October 12, 2011

sukkat very cute video!!! Reply

Irene Alhanati Cardillo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil October 10, 2011

Video on Sukkot I loved this video! So cute! Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous West Hempstead, NY/USA via chabadwesthempstead.org October 9, 2011

aren't most of those sukos obscure cases from maseches sukah and the one on the giraffe had a gap b/w the walls and schach so isn't that not kosher? and the sucah on a tree is only mutar for chol homoed i thought, Also it is amazing how the amoraim were close with their calculation of pi before pi was invented for the circular sukah Reply

Anonymous Carolina, P.R via chabadpuertorico.com October 9, 2011

very good perfectly for learning great video <3 Reply

bt July 22, 2011

i like the draf part Reply

Yittah Sydney, Sydney...Australia October 7, 2010

videos & cartoons A fantastic way to learn, and I can always count on a smile when I see a cartoon

Olivia, Tarah, and Alyssa Deakyne Hartville, MO September 30, 2010

We all love your videos!!!
Thanks for putting them on and making them!!!!!

:) Reply

Alya Philadelphia, PA via jewishphilly.com September 26, 2010

Thanks So great, thanks
Our 5 year old son loves it! Reply

Anonymous Haifa, Israel September 21, 2010

Tropicasher!!!!! Tropicasher means kosher and cool!
Hey perhaps you can do something together with Mr. Rosenbaum, tropicasher comedian!! Have a great 71! Reply

Anonymous September 21, 2010

Thats a great animation-keep up the good work. Reply

Kim NY via chabadoutreachcenter.com September 17, 2010

This is so cute!!! I cant stop playing it!!! Reply

allana london, uk June 14, 2010

this is so cute Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

Anonymous oakland, ca via chabadberkeley.org December 9, 2009

I liked it very much,
Aron 5 yrs Reply

Anonymous December 5, 2009

make more Reply

Anonymous melbourne November 7, 2009

very much enjoyed thanks that was very cute! Reply

Anonymous Melbourne , Australia October 30, 2009

Awesome work Reply

Anonymous October 26, 2009

Really well done! Reply

Anonymous via kids.tzivoshashem.org October 15, 2009

very cute! Reply

Anonymous panama, panama October 14, 2009

dovid please make more itche kadozy shows those stickmen and this keep it up Reply

NesanelS Lakewood, NJ October 9, 2009

Very nice and actually true We will actually sit in a large Succa with all of Israel one day. It is called the Succa of the Skin of the Leviathan fish סוכת עורו של לויתן. Which the rabbis say is unknown today but will be revealed when Moshiach the Righteous Redeemer comes.
Search the site for Leviathan and click on the last link on the first page (also the first link). Reply

Jessica & Jonathan highland park, IL October 6, 2009

Loved the sukkah video We learned a lot! We liked the part when we figured out that everybody won! Reply

Aharons BeNTLEIGH, Australia October 6, 2009

Shachar said it was good, Rimon said she likes it. Reply

Davis bellevue hill October 6, 2009

fantastic video thank you for the great video. Reply

Talz jerusalem October 6, 2009

really cute. kol hakavod for your amazing work:o) Reply

Yoselz Bondi, NSW October 6, 2009

Just keeps getting better. Just about to restart this and watch it with the kids again. We are so keen to see more of this. This one has some really funny parts (jokes that i loved!). Actually to be honest - i think i like it more than the kids! Keep it up Reply

yakira north miami bech, florte October 5, 2009

great i like it Reply

Lukas October 5, 2009

Sukkah It was very nice seeing this mini-clip, loved it :} Happy hollidays, stay friendly and be nice ;} Shalom Reply

Mazzies Perth, W.A October 4, 2009

Great production!! What a wonderful production. We love the way you get the story of Succot across. So entertaining for adults and delightful for children. We learnt so much about togetherness!!! Reply

Charles Schneider Lincoln, Placer via jewishroseville.com October 2, 2009

Succah, I'm sure I heard the name. I really don't know why we celebrate Succah. In fact, I don't know anything yet. I really just decided to become a Jew in the last few years. And, this has taken three years to come to this point of joining a Temple. I was going to start this Friday night and they announced that there would be no services tonight or next week. OK, for Succah. It will be nice when I can name all of the holidays. Reply

Mendel, Gedaliah, Sruly and Bluma Pittsburgh, PA October 2, 2009

it was funny we thought it was really funny. Our favorite succah was the one on top of the tallest tree and the giraffe.

Gad ben Rosen Raanana, Israel October 2, 2009

Aizeh Yoffe Loved it. You should see Raanana Israel today. Everyone running around with their Lulav, cartops with palms, kids decorating the Succa. Living in HaEretz (Land of Isreal) is living the dream. Thank you for the cartoon and Shterni is right, the Giraffe is so funny,
Chag Sameach (happy holiday) and Shabbat Shalom, Reply

Shterni London, England via chabadsouthgate.org October 1, 2009

What If? Dear Dovid

Yasher Koach! I love 'What If?'! So creative! I especially like the part where the giraffe says that he's got feelings. I also love the end of this episode where the giraffe starts eating the S'chach and says, "What? I'm a giraffe!"


Shterni Reply

Kasriel Warlow-Shill Sydney, Australia October 1, 2009

wow awesome that was the best sukkah competition animation that I have ever seen in my whole life. wow. well done guys! Reply

aaron Brooklyn, NY October 1, 2009

Giraffes are kosher! I can't wait to find a kosher giraffe on my plate.

Yum. Reply

Dovid Taub London, UK September 30, 2009

Re: Kosher Sukkah Hey, Anonymous asked a good question- "are you allowed to make a sukkah on an animal, or a circle sukkah?"

Yes. Each Sukkah in this video is mentioned specifically in Jewish legal texts as being permissible. The only exception, as was noted in the sign at the end of the video, is that you can not ride animals or climb trees on Shabbat or Yom Tov. This means that the even though the giraffe Sukkah and tree Sukkah are perfectly acceptable, you wouldn't be able to use them on the first 2 days of Sukkot, Shabbat or Shemini Atzeret.

Wow, that's a lot of words. And we were gonna try to have Ezi say all that.

Thanks for the question, and thank you to everybody who is enjoying "What if?" Reply

Anonymous NEW CITY, ny September 30, 2009

are you allowed to make a sukkah on an animal, or a circle sukkah? Reply

Eli in Pgh Pittsburgh, PA September 29, 2009

yay i love it, a sukkah for all the Jews- great job Yitzy & crew

shmuel itkin scranton September 29, 2009

whats a sucoya tree Reply

Yisroeli and Tzippy Pittsburgh, PA September 29, 2009

I liked it It was nice and funny. The girls are pretty. We liked that everyone won!

Yisroeli and Tzippy (Ages 8 and 5)

P.S. Can you make more soon? Reply

Mikey September 29, 2009

Fantastic! I can't believe it, they just get better and better, what an unbelievable job the chabad.org animation team have done, again! creative, educational, and funny what more could i ask for. You guys rock!

Hag sameach ("joyful festival") to everyone!
peace in the Holy Land Reply

Anonymous melbourne, aust September 28, 2009

Love it I love this and especialy the clarification at the end. Real cute. Keep up the great work! Reply

Chaviva Storrs, CT September 27, 2009

Ha ha. Loved the giraffe :) Reply

Anonymous NY, NY September 27, 2009

Love this This is majorly cool. It put a smile on our faces.
Cant wait to build our own succah! Reply

hadassah abraham chcago, USA September 25, 2009

renah I never saw renah or herd of her but she still looks ceut. Reply

nechama passaic, N. J. September 24, 2009

What about me? I would build a sukka in the worlds biggest clearing in the forest! Reply

Anonymous london, england September 24, 2009

adorable! i especially love the end where the giraffe is eating from the s'chach and goes, "what? i'm a giraffe!"

yasher koach, chabad.org! Reply

shmuel itkin scranton, pa September 23, 2009

ausome this is an amazing video whens the next one coming Reply

Anonymous Perth, Australia September 23, 2009

very cute very nice and funny Reply