What If We Hunted for Jewish Treasure?
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kelli Efrusy NJ June 18, 2016

I like it.
its fun to watch. Reply

Anonymous Boston October 29, 2015

SOOOO cute My baby brother loves it he tells me more more do another one๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€ Reply

Anonymous April 7, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

how old is he? Reply

Anonymous boise id November 16, 2014

the tzitzis can be tucked in. Reply

Anonymous October 15, 2014

Love it verry interesting Reply

Anonymous lakewood February 21, 2014

reminder next time put on tzitzis for the boy Reply

Aaron Goodman December 8, 2013

we want more my 3 month old loves these!!!! We want more!!!! Reply

Anonymous March 29, 2013

no good but isn't taking it stealing? i did not copy! Reply

Anonymous Solon, Ohio July 11, 2012

but isn't taking it stealing? Reply

Chaya Esther Calgary, AB April 2, 2012

Question How Do They Make Those Videos Reply

DLG Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

Dr J perth, Australia January 21, 2010

amazing this will leave all the othe animators envious.
Deserves an Oscar nomination Reply

Esther Golda Alperowitz January 21, 2010

IT'S MY FAVOURITE ONE! KEEP MAKING MORE! i like them so much all of them! keep making more and more until the thing of other what ifs will reach till the bottem of the page! Reply

Anonymous ny, america September 23, 2009

haha i enjoy your subjects Reply

yanky gittelberg September 21, 2009

great vid my kids (and me) really liked it. Thank you for making Dina look Tznius (modest), these little things mean a lot.

Is Eli wearing Tzitzis? Reply

nochum labkowski class 4 london, england September 11, 2009

what if we hunted for jewish treasures absalutely amazing please continue Reply

nochum labkowski london, england September 2, 2009

what if number 3 one of the best games ever. Reply

rochele August 13, 2009

very cute Reply

Baruch 'Captain' Redbeard Perth, WA August 10, 2009

Wow! What an imagination! Go Team Chabad! Even big kids have fun. Reply

Anonymous chicago, il August 9, 2009

awesome video and science too! Hey all you "what if "fans! How come we don't see as many comments on the science experiement section as the video? I know. I know. The videos are amazing and the kids can watch on their own. But we like to watch the videos as a family too and then we encourage discussion as we re-watch and then we do the experients that go with the videos. We'd love to share discussion with other families who do the experiements. The kids really enjoyed making the compass this time and then we talked about what it means to use the Torah as a compass. Awesome site. Our family enjoys a lot of science projects and there are wonderful sites for that online. But you are the only site that provides science ideas with a Torah connection. (Same is true for your games)Thanks so much for the videos AND the science AND the games AND the history lessons! Reply

Peter Huntsville, AL August 7, 2009

Cool... I would like to see some video learning segments for kids, in Hebrew. =D Reply

Yaacov perth , WA August 7, 2009

WOW -factror Wow - it gets better and better .
What potential this type of educational tool has .. Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL, USA August 6, 2009

gr8 video awsome! sooooo cute! i like the part about the sandstorm best! Reply

Yunkel Sydney , WA August 6, 2009

I want more.. Educational , fun , amazing , inspiring , creative .... the "what if.. " segments are amazing - how do we get more ? Reply

Chani Slurzberg Philadelphia, PA August 5, 2009

Absolutely adorable! This film was absolutely adorable! It was very well done too, and a great way to teach kids about Jewish history. Reply

Romelle Tarler Plantation, Fl/.USA August 5, 2009

David Taub I knew an elderlyJewish man whose grandson David Taub was involved in developing cartoons. Could David possibly have had a grandfather (William/Bill) who lived in Sunrise/Broward Cnty, Fl?
Thanks, Curious Romelle Reply

Anonymous August 5, 2009

So Cute! These "what if" shows are Briliant and so well done! show us more Reply

Moisheh Shulman August 4, 2009

Phenomenal! This is so cute, so funny, so adorable, and so well done! Phenomenal job, even I was laughing hard=) Reply

Anonymous Johannesburg, South Africa August 4, 2009

Outstanding Chabad.org, you've outdone yourselves! : ) Reply

Anonymous Montreal, Quebec via thechai.com August 4, 2009

very cute... My children and I enjoy watching these short animated Jewish films My boys really get a hit out of them. I send them out to everyone I know who has children so they can enjoy it and learn from it as well. Keep up the good work and keep them coming. Reply

yossi jacobs cleveland hieghts, ohio August 3, 2009

it is so cute!! Reply

Dina (not the Dina inside the lesson) Brookline, MA August 3, 2009

So cool I noticed right away when the kids threw the stethoscope onto the old plane with the old man in it. I bet the pilot got that old plane for his first birthday. I liked the animation because it was so cool. Reply

Basya August 3, 2009

I personally watch a lot of animation and I have to say this is one of the best films I have ever seen. It surprised me when they threw the stethoscope and caught on to the old plane. I want to get a chance to play the game before I have to eat lunch so bye for now. Reply

Anonymous melbourne, australia August 3, 2009

fantastic These digitunz are getting better and better. I loved this one even more than the others
The novel lesson that I got from this cartoon is that passionate observance of Torah Judaism is not a contradiction to the multitude of paths of self expression that come with life itself.
Surly the pixilated light from these digitunz are the very light that dispels the darkness in our world...the light of children’s entertainment blended with earnestness of torah truths.
Looking forward to the next installment. Reply

Liba Perth, Western Australia August 3, 2009

Well Done I can't believe how much I learned! The content is so original and refreshing. I hope to see more 'What If's" in the very near future.
Well Done Reply

Mike sf August 2, 2009

Superb!!! this is the only original quality content available for Jewish Kids. Thankyou so Much Chabad.org! You have no idea how much my kids (and myself) look forward to these superbly orchestrated animations. Todah Rabbah! Reply

Anonymous ny, ny August 2, 2009

RE:cute beth egypt, beth israel, what next? Reply

Chaiky Albany, NY via kids.tzivoshashem.org August 2, 2009

amaizing this is actually for ages five and up my brother and sister love these episods! thanks chabad.org! :) Reply

nadia perth, wa August 2, 2009

what if we hunted 4 jewish treasure as a late in life learner, even at 45 i found this informative fun & makes learning for us geriatrics great! thanks chabad Reply

Mendel August 2, 2009

is beth egypt a shul after beth midrash or hospital after beth israel? Reply

Anonymous August 2, 2009

Cute Haha "Beth Egypt" - very cute and funny. :) My 5 year-old brother likes these videos a lot. Thank you chabad.org! Reply