What If the Torah Was Given on the Moon?
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zalmy Bromley December 18, 2017

what if Reply

CHAYA M&yisrael y &lewi holland November 20, 2017

it'cs amazing Reply

Anonymous May 29, 2017

I read comments. Lots say make the science right, others say make it longer. Not everybody has lots of fast internet or concentration of translation. Even some of us have to sneaky watch. It would be good to slow down what they say just a bit. And somebody said a different voice for each that would help. Words at the bottom might help deaf as deaf language is different around the world. Still think great. Thank you Reply

Keira April 17, 2017

Amazing Reply

suzy handler woodland hills, ca June 29, 2016

If we got the Torah on the moon, the Jewish people would still follow
all of the Commandments. Reply

Kelli NJ June 28, 2016

love It it is one of my favorite

chabad videos!! Reply

Nosson Oirich May 29, 2016

Great Reply

Bailie Goldstein Monsey, NY February 26, 2016

coment I like the videos you make Reply

Bailie Goldstein Monsey, NY February 26, 2016

Why did you not show eli in the intersatinal space station Reply

perel May 20, 2015

so cute Reply

Kit Sober Reno, NV January 13, 2015

Captions Animated on website: Used iPad. Safari. Jewishkids.org Reply

Anonymous bayside wi January 11, 2015

animation witch web site did you animate this on Reply

Kit Sober Reno NV May 25, 2014

Captions, please I am deaf. I watch the sign language stuff, but miss on being able to understand and enjoy your videos (and this holds for all other deaf people as well). Thanks for the sign language stuff you do. . Reply

Fay Sedore Wolcott,NY January 4, 2018
in response to Kit Sober:

Have they no "Close captions" for you like are on television? Reply

chaya mushka lewis brighton,england June 5, 2013

My best bit the best bit is when she says" we have to remember to put an umbrella in our kiddu..." Reply

suzy handler May 20, 2013

Torah on the Moon When traveling in space, what difference would it make when you celebrated Shabbos, as long as you did it and feel the magic in your heart. I can celebrate the yahrzeit of my parents on every Shabbos, including the regular date., English and Hebrew. By the way, I made an application to travel to Mars. However, the problem of terraforming the planet may take another l00 years. Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA, USA May 20, 2013

The Amidah and rain, dew, wind, etc. Would we still use the part of the Amidah that changes seasonal and refers to the weather? On the moon, the rain and dew do not fall and the wind does not blow. Reply

suzy handler woodland hills, ca May 14, 2013

Torah on the Moon I loved this film, Torah on the Moon. I must save this for my grandchildren. G-d gave Torah everywhere. What a deep revelation on this holiday! Reply

Alfie Philly May 10, 2013

Att: Camarillo ,CA I'm sure if G-d wanted to he could make his "voice" be heard EVEN on the moon ;) Reply

Anonymous Cordova, USA April 8, 2012

great so cool make some m0re Reply

Chaya Esther Calgary, AB April 2, 2012

קידוש Cup I Like When He Is Saying That He Will Where A Cocunut של ירמולקה Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA September 25, 2011

Could the Oral Torah be given in a vacuum? Sound does not travel on the moon. Sound can exist only where there is something (air) through which it can travel. Even if G-d spoke all the words of the Torah on the moon, no one there would here him (unless they used radios in their helmets, which poses another problem, because it was Yom Tov and radios are electric. Reply

Fay Sedore Wolcott,NY January 4, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

What if the Torah were given on the moon? To Anonymous in Camarillo, CA,
With Him all things are possible! He would make it be heard anyway, if not through auditory senses, then through everyone's heart, mind, and soul. Sounds like that classic question: Can G*d make a rock so big that even He can't lift it? All He would have to do is say to the rock, "rise!", and the rock would move. Reply

Anonymous Austin, Texas September 20, 2011

the igloo there are some problems with placing a mezazh on a arch Reply

Anonymous new jersey August 29, 2011

really good can you please make more Reply

Anonymous אוק פארק, מישיגן July 29, 2011

מזוזה אם היה נותן לנו תורה ב.... אין אפשרות לשים שם מזוזה???????????????????? Reply

Anonymous Camarillo, CA April 21, 2011

Being Jewish in space is not really a viable idea. The last sentence did not make sense.

A big part of Jewish is doing things (or not doing things) on the correct days, for example, keeping Shabbos from when it begins to when it ends.

On the International Space Station, you experience several sunrises and sunsets during each 24 hours, because you go around the world so quickly. You are somewhere that it is Friday afternoon, then somewhere that it is Shabbos, then back to somwhere that it is Friday daytime, then the sun sets again and Shabbos starts again, this repeats many times; then you are somewhere that it is Saturday night and you start Havdalah, but then you are back to somewhere that it is still Shabbos, it is all very confusing.

Because the entire Passover seder must be at night and it is night for less than an hour at a time, you would have to rush.

And the same problem, in reverse, applies to the morning service, which must be during the day, even though it is day for less than an hour at a time. Reply

zachariah overland park, kansas usa April 18, 2011

sad i love this cartoons i am sad they stoped making them in 2008 Reply

Suenell Lamar, AR/USA February 24, 2011

Favorable Cartoons! These are GREAT! Wish they'd last longer for a good cartoon for children! Reply

Mendel albany, USA via kids.tzivoshashem.org November 21, 2010

wow! I got 350 mitzvos. Boy was it harddddddddddd!!!!!! It took a long time Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

abigail sharon springs, KS September 3, 2009

good points Nobody really has the creativity for these videos but you guys!! I do Judaism every day and some days I come here. These videos are awesome and gr8!! keep up the gr8 work!!! I love the creativity and 3d !!!!! =D Reply

chunah brooklyn, ny August 9, 2009

dvd You should make a dvd. I'll buy it. Reply

sholom Ber BuffaloNy, Buffalo N.Y July 30, 2009

Eli&Ezzy Why Don"t they make more Reply

Rivky N. far rockaway, ny July 29, 2009

that was a cute show. i never actualy thought about if the torah was given anywhere else!!! its adorable! = ) Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny July 21, 2009

Everything I just love their voices and the videos are soooo cute,especialy What If ! Iove it ! Reply

channa north miami beach, fl via lecfl.com June 25, 2009

sssssssssso cute great job to whoever made it its cute and very creative. my favorite one is what if the torah was given on the moon. so cute and great voices too. go what if show. awesome Reply

jodii WA, Australia June 23, 2009

Perfect!! The animation story and topics are spot on. Not only do my kids enjoy it and learn something but i love it too.. More, more, more!!! Reply

Elisha Greenbaum via jewishmelbourne.com.au June 8, 2009

My kids loved it Well done Yitzchak F. Brilliant work! Reply

hadassah abraham chicogo, USA June 4, 2009

thank you thank you for sharing the episodes with us. Reply

Sylvia Melbourne, Victoria June 4, 2009

Torah on the moon They just get better ... and better ... well done! Keep them coming! Reply

Anonymous Sydney, Australia June 3, 2009

Another great episode. Keep up the good work and keep the episodes flowing. Reply

DOC Oz June 3, 2009

fun and educational Thought provoking material. Stimulates discussion with the kids aswell .
Great potential here Chabad - keep it up Reply

Anonymous June 2, 2009

wow! that was great!how DO you guys do it? Reply

Anonymous greenwich, ct./u.s.a. June 2, 2009

points i got 200 mitzvos with almost 2:30 minuts Reply

Yaacov Australia May 28, 2009

thought provoking Wonderfully done and stimulates my brain as well as the kids
I want to see more episodes
Keep it up Chabad ( how do you do it ? ) Reply

Gilad Toronto, Canada May 27, 2009

Genius Such a cool idea.
I showed to my class of 14 year olds and they really loved it! It iintroduced them to new ideas about the Torah in a very creative way.
Thanks and keep up the good work. Reply

Paz Melbourne, VIC May 26, 2009

Bringing it home Hey guys that was awsome!!
Thanks so much, the journey through space and time was creative and imaginative.
I especially like this episode because it has included both genders.
You guys just get better and better.
Thanks Reply

Shalom WA, Australia May 26, 2009

cute They are getting better and better Reply

Angelica Sweetzer Laguna Beach, CA May 26, 2009

Cuuute Next time, have two seperate voices for the kids. It's a little funny that the boy and girl's voice are the same. Not to mention, the boy's voice is quite feminine. Reply

Eli Melbourne, VIC May 25, 2009

Just classic! Thanks for another classic animation! It’s great to see Chabad.org broadening its scope by catering for our kids through these films. It really adds another dimension to your website. I can’t wait to show this to my children tonight. They spark fun and interesting discussions about Torah. Also, the way you’ve tied them to a set of questions, games and activities works great. Here’s a little secret… I love them to! Reply

garek vite guadalajara, jalisco, méxico May 25, 2009

very interesting It is the first time that Dinah appears in a video. I had curiosity of how it would be her voice. For me, the Dinah of the Torah must be very similar to the Dinah that appears here.
Thank You Very Much Reply

Vera L. Lake Balboa, CA May 25, 2009

What if the torah was given on the moon? These videos are totally good! The kids' imagination is spinning and so is mine. I really wish that the video was a little longer though because every time it gets to the interesting part, the video ends. Other than that everything is just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

R Klempner May 25, 2009

best so far! Have you guys been reading my sons' minds? You hit all their favorites! Reply

Anonymous May 25, 2009

Great, but a little too short These videos are fantastic, but how about a more developed plot? Just when they get going the video's over. Reply

David R May 25, 2009

My mind is spinning Awsum TorahTune. Could you really be shomrei Mitzvot on the moon or cancun? I need to ponder. Pass me the Borei Peri Hagefen with the umbrella so that i can sip and contemplate....hmmm ...is there any place we can not take Torah?
I cant wait to see where these Torah Tunes take Torah Next.
Lchaim! Reply

Richard K May 25, 2009

classic You guys rock! Punchy and tasteful humour, wild, captivating visuals, thought provoking insights with an expertly timed build up, random surprises that give a polished edge and class all the way home. You guys pass every tick in scriptwriting and story telling theory and it just works so smoothly. I love what you're doing and i give you a blessing that you should move on to hollywood and rock the whole world with what only you can. Keep 'em rolling baby, and snowball to ever greater depths and heights! Reply

Anonymous Pit, Pa May 24, 2009

Amazing This creativity is absolutely amazing!!!!!!! Keep up the gr8 work Reply

Aryeh Yonatan Toronto, Ontario May 24, 2009

Not so sure Nice video. But... the Torah does not really tell us live anywhere. The Torah wants us to live in Eretz Yisroel. Sure we can do some of the mitzvos elsewhere, but many require the zechus of living in the holy land. Reply

Mikey May 24, 2009

Holy Moly!!! Wow another episode so soon, you guys are unbelievable. Another classic episode totally out of this world, the 3d is just so so coool Chabad.org you are the leaders of the pack by light years keep em coming!!! Reply

yehupitz la, ca via chabadpasadena.com May 22, 2009

awsome just cooooooooooooooooooool Reply

shlomo matusof YAY April 20, 2017
in response to yehupitz:

8 up Reply