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What If We Found Moses' Shoes?
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joseph bailycamin October 9, 2017

funny this videos are funny. Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order December 31, 2016

a lot That's a lot of shoes. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 26, 2016

I like this! Cool! Reply

Bailie Goldstein Monsey, NY February 28, 2016

This video is very good Reply

Moishy Goldstein monsey NY, 10952, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way, Universe, Hashem March 31, 2017
in response to Bailie Goldstein:

No Commenting! Shh she is 6! Reply

Yemima Australia July 1, 2015

That was cool I like slipperssssss Reply

Mmalkiyl Ohio ,Dayton March 7, 2015

The best haha Reply

Anonymous yehupitzvile April 11, 2014

fuzzyyyyyy i love slippersssss Reply

enonamus April 11, 2014

awsome Reply

Esther liba belinsky Baltimore, maryland March 24, 2014

cute it would be cool if we found moshe's shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i know it is probably going to be supper hard to find Reply

Anonymous fox lake IL March 25, 2013

Moshe would not have those weird shoes but it would cool if he did. Reply

Chabad.org Staff via mychabad.org July 10, 2012

Re Bedtime Shema Hiya, each night before we go to sleep we say the Shema prayer, see this link for the text and audio Reply

M.S.G. Solon, Ohio July 9, 2012

BEDTIME Shema? Reply

eden hebron Parkland, fl united states March 18, 2012

okkkkk its too short but i like it!!1 but why would they want moshes shoes? Reply

shai October 12, 2011

i love it its the best movie ever! Reply

Miss Laura Swift March 11, 2011

funny :) Reply

Anonymous October 20, 2010

soo cute its so cute!! i love it! Reply

chana paltiel port washington, n.y via chabadpw.org September 22, 2010

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the part when,actually i love all the parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous ASHLAND, OR September 19, 2010

i love it Reply

Anonymous via chabadyouth.org August 29, 2010

the vidio is so cute but i dont think moshe had those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

aizik Birmingham, Alabama USA June 21, 2010

wasome these videos r the best all the imagination and stuff is sure to attract attention Reply

DLG Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

kju chicago, illinios USA March 26, 2010

why did they want moshe's shoes rather then something else Reply

Anonymous Brookline February 14, 2010

Thank you! Me and my kids enjoy these videos very much! We really appreciate you use Hebrew words in the videos that we can understand and spoken without a european accent. Reply

Rivky N. far rockaway, ny July 29, 2009

this was adorable and very funny!! i liked it a lot. Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, VIC May 26, 2009

Touching the shepards toes Conceptually fantastic,
The facial expressions are realistic and i really feel the animators have a good sense of how to create movement. I think that the audio on this one was a notch higher then last. Every scene had great audio visuals.
Simply beautiful! Reply

Mark May 17, 2009

Truly Brilliant! Brilliant concept and unbelievable graphics, the kids loved it.There's nothing like this at all, get it up on YouTube!, this is really good content and completely original. Just imagine, i love it. give us heaps more. Reply

Ehud Avraham May 17, 2009

Very smart and well done Whoever can't see the logic (it's not that hard to see!) should see it once again and try and understand Reply

levi goodman melbourne, vic May 17, 2009

amazing! amazing video. my children love it! keep 'em coming! Reply

M.H.Sufrin London, U.K. May 15, 2009

Moses shoes. I do not see the lesson for children. It seems pretty stupid to me Reply

a May 14, 2009

where's number 2 Reply

Anonymous via kids.tzivoshashem.org May 13, 2009

make more this is relly good please make more Reply

Anonymous May 13, 2009

cute its very cute and i like but i also want to see the what if we never left egypt one. can u put up a link for the what if we never left egypt one? Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny May 12, 2009

the show the show was great except i want to down load it Reply

garek vite guadalajara, jalisco, méxico May 12, 2009

UltraFunny Please, continue making these funny videos. This video is very graceful and creative.
Thanks Reply

Anonymous brooklyn , ny May 9, 2009

episodes It’s really really nice. Very impressive. I think if it were episodes instead of conversation it might have a bit more personality and capture children’s imagination, it’s a bit to logical. please dont post just trying to help

I see the Chanukah spoons video was indeed corrected of its wrong dates. very impressive to see the comments are taken in to consideration. Reply

Ken Jamaica May 9, 2009

Cute! This was so adorable! Reply

Olivia deakyne saylorsburg, pa May 9, 2009

Moses's shoes!! wow, i LOVE essie and ellie!! their so good , please keep on with this we have an unanimous vote here at my house for your ellie and essie videos!!! PLEASE keep on going with this!! Reply

Glenjamin Perth, WA May 6, 2009

I want some Moses Shoes Wow Moses sure does have a lot of shoes to fill!
Cool Animation, I used to skate down hills like those kids :D Reply

Yaacov Australia May 6, 2009

what if... The kids are really enjoying these creative , thought provoking " what if.." segments. You have a winner Chabad

PS I enjoy them as well Reply

Millie May 6, 2009

Better all the time Really excellent ... even better than the first ... please make another videio SOON!! Reply

Binah ny May 6, 2009

moses'shoes really cute. I liked the entire video, even though it was only 2 minutes long. Yosher Koach! Reply

Ari May 5, 2009

gr8 journey A great journey through time, place, and space...please take me on another ride. Reply

solom dov ber manchester, england May 5, 2009

video very very good Reply

Chana May 5, 2009

These videos are so cute!
You did a good job, keep it up! Reply

Anonymous May 5, 2009

nice I liked it. Reply

Anonymous AZ, Tucson May 4, 2009

Well.... Well... Stop Imaginging! Imagine your walking on har sini. and there is no way to get out and your wereing these gravity shoes....... STOP IMAGINING Reply

chaya mushkah shanghai, china May 4, 2009

i didn't even watch but i hope it's nice and funny!!!! Reply

SZ May 3, 2009

Moses Shoes Why not mention that G-d told Moshe to take off his shoes at the burning bush? Reply

Anonymous May 3, 2009

cool i really loove these videos. please make a lot more of them!!!! Reply

Anonymous columbia, MD May 3, 2009

excellent!!! I second the request for a DVD. Reply

mussia ny, usa May 3, 2009

what about sandles for when going to the beach...........? Reply

Anonymous May 3, 2009

Absolutely Superb!!! The new "What If" 3d show, is seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen. A revolutionary tool to teach our children to think, imagine and express there understanding of Jewishness. Chabad.Org, you are providing our children with a key to tap into something truly unbelievable, please give us more of this 3d style animation, it gets there attention and they're hungry for more. Amazing work, thankyou! Reply

Anonymous May 3, 2009

wow Well done for producing another AWESOME episdode WHAT IF, so soon. Thank you for responding to our requests for more cartoons like this. This one is FANASTIC...even better than the first. When is the DVD set coming out? Reply