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What If We Were Chanukah Heroes?
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Anonymous New York June 3, 2018

cute Reply

chaya Myrtle Beach May 11, 2018

we loved it! Reply

Shimmy Wertheimer FL April 20, 2018

Very nice I love it Reply

love bug springdal wa April 24, 2017

i love all of the videos Reply

Hadasah Valencia (Dassi) Red Bluff December 30, 2016

my little brother thought it was cute!!!!! his 2 yr old! Reply

Shlomo Hecht california December 26, 2016

awesome very good video. Reply

Anonymous December 26, 2016

Good Good Reply

Lillian Co. December 17, 2016

video I love this video! It's amazing! Reply

Anonymous Monsey, NY March 20, 2016

Cute! Reply

Moishy Goldstein Monsey, NY February 28, 2016

Very cute Your videos are rely cute and funny (some times). Reply

Captain America Texas November 27, 2015

Rookies are good! I think these rookies are nice! Reply

Hat Man November 9, 2015

My Hat!!! Yea that hat does match your eyes Reply

Anonymous September 6, 2015

so cute i love how the super team are brother and sister! i think its really funny that she says ,''and your socks don't match."but than she says, "now i can publicize it to the world." it makes it sound like she is going to publicize the fact that rina's socks don't mach. Reply

lily Lieber Herndon June 21, 2015

i love this sooooooooo much so adorable Reply

Moishy Goldstein via March 31, 2015

grate! it's very very cute Reply

Moishy Goldstein Monsey NY via March 31, 2015

this is very cute and funy! Reply

perry wolf Melbourne December 16, 2014

amazing superhero on the roll Reply

Anonymous October 8, 2014

i like it Reply

Anonymous November 24, 2013

this is a nice video Reply

caring child who wants to do rina's hair hair salon November 5, 2013

confusion why does rina have ugly, messy hair? Reply

Anonymous November 2, 2012

like it i like the idea ,keep up the good work! Reply

Anonymous Solon, Ohio July 11, 2012

this 1 is my favorite!!! Reply

Anonymous melborne, australia May 12, 2012

l love it can you make more thank you Reply

Sara LA, CA January 8, 2012

We Are Lovin' it What If is such an amazing video are whole family loves and all wish you can make a few more episodes. every time we have spare time on the computer we watch your amazing what if videos. and i personally like the chanuka one the best. GO WHAT IF!!!!! Reply

cahna sasonking cuba, USA December 7, 2011

what if there wasnt what if?? then the world will be a darker place... Reply

Sarala Friedman pittsburgh October 9, 2011

so cute!!:) this video is so cute!!i like the part about the laundry detergent!! Reply

princess February 3, 2011

coooooooooool video Reply

ivanilde dUQUE DE cAXIAS, R.Janeiro January 2, 2011

comments on videos are wonderful, I think a commendable attitude on the part of chabad, a site that I love very Bless G-d. Reply

arik tucson, arizona December 24, 2010

keep it up i love it Reply

Shoshana Yerushalayim, Israel December 6, 2010

Dear Alexandra, Probablly the reason that they didn't show a Chriatian boy and girl is that Chabad is here to teach Judaism, not Christianity. You could go into a Christian website if you like.

Also the cartoon did not even mention other religions at all, and certainly did not highlight differences. I viewed the cartoon a second time after reading your comment and could not figure out what you are referring to. Reply

Alexandra Denver, CO, USA December 1, 2010

WHAT IF....? The thought came to me as I watched this cartoon, that the SURCE of the light, (God!), was not mentioned at all! When the super-boy lost his battery-power, I was sure that God would be mentioned as the source of all power...but He wasn't. Also, at the end, where all four characters want to spread the light to their neighbours it might have been nice to show a Christian (super) boy and/ or girl, ALSO spreading light. And so the SIMULARITIES, not the differences, between the two religions could have beem highlighted. Reply

Anonymous London, England November 24, 2010

cool Reply

chana NYC, NY November 10, 2010

what if is great! This show is so much fun to watch! it's defanintly something you would want to watch! whenever I get bored I just go streight on to and go on to what if! The games are fun and awsome, the vidios are funy and cute, the expiraments are cool and surprising, the facts are nice and nice and amazing and the questions are intrestng and great! Reply

avrohom london, uk November 3, 2010

amazing amazing for jewish kids no vielonce or bad behaviour very good Reply

baruch & rueven west hollywood, ca via September 26, 2010

purim the sukkot can mantain light and heat even at night with no electricity. Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

Anonymous seattle, wa March 9, 2010

PLEASE they are all very nice can you please make more? Reply

fraida, chaim and rochel raizel sydney, australia via March 3, 2010

what if.. purimw please can you make a what if about purim? we like the what ifs and we want more! Reply

Anonymous oslo, norway February 26, 2010

good its pretty good Reply

Anonymous chicago, illinios USA February 25, 2010

you should please make a new one for purim there is only one day left Reply

Anonymous chicago, illinios USA February 25, 2010

show make a purim one there is not to much time left Reply

gfgg IL, chicago February 24, 2010

to do when will a new one come out, it is only 2 days to purim, it needs to come out soon Reply

Anonymous via February 24, 2010

we the students of Rambam day school would like it if you could do a "what if" for Tu B'shvat
thank you , Reply

Shneur Ohio via February 22, 2010

When is the next one coming out?!?!? Purim is in a few days! Bring on the next one already! Reply

Anonymous manchester, england January 30, 2010

next one when is the next one coming allready? this one has been on for over a month!!!!! Reply

Anonymous ottawa, canada January 26, 2010

rambams grade 2-3 we the students of Rambam day school would like it if you could do a "what if" for Tu B'shvat
thank you , Reply

Gilad Melbourne, VIc January 11, 2010

Go Chunkah heros Awsome and delightful, there is an element of real life, i felt like i was in a superman movie. I love the guys fighting over the hat, that was classic. I reckon it was great how there was enviromental issues discussed, such as solar girl. It really can give an important message of alternative energy sources. Enlightening and light hearted.

Thanks, looking foward to some more professional cartoons. Reply

Anonymous chicago, illinios USA December 30, 2009

video animation It looks professinaly animated Reply

leeyah long island, USA December 21, 2009

NICE!!! this is sooo cute i love the kids voices they just soo cute!!!! P.S. im a kid myself!! :) :) :) Reply

Gabe via December 19, 2009

Very cool Reply

Deborah Fort Erie, On via December 18, 2009

Kids videos We are watching these videos and the kids are loving them. So random they say!!!!! Thanks for all your work put into these.. Reply

Sarale Magalnic Rancho Palos Verdes, California via December 18, 2009


Anonymous melbourne December 18, 2009

Amazing, keep it up!!!! Reply

mojo bon, chelm December 16, 2009

VERY CUTE!!!!!! Keep up the great work! Reply

lea ny December 16, 2009

awesome so so so coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Reply

Liz Santa Monica, CA December 14, 2009

this is awsome!! i just saw tis for the first time and can wait to show them to my 4 year old.
Is so enlightening!!
You rock! Reply

Mendel Meretsky State College, PA December 14, 2009

great the best video ever just one thing
why our was the laser menorah crved not shtrait but that dosen't mather it's GREAT Reply

Shayna-Rivka Albuquerque, New mexico December 14, 2009

Captions I would love to enjoy these shows if captions where available. Any way to make this possible? Reply

CB December 13, 2009

To Naama The shows are not yet available on DVD. Stay tuned!

And to everyone else: thank you so much for your feedback. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny December 12, 2009

spread the light ! keep up the great work very cute characters with humour and thoughtfulnes they are entertaining to everyone
and enlightening the masses
i think i will show it to my students Reply

Anonymous surrey, BC Canada December 12, 2009

Amazing Definitely the best so far. Keep them coming! Reply



Mark Artamon December 12, 2009

Cool Bananas!! This was very good,
i liked this one the best so far. Reply

Anonymous Melbourne December 11, 2009

Great attention to detail, loved the quirkiness and warmth of the characters. Continue to spread the light:) Reply

timothy debary, fl December 10, 2009

doughnuts that one boy is gonna get fat with all those doughnuts Reply

Eli G Melbourne, VIC December 10, 2009

Awesome! You guys get even better with each additional cartoon. I especially liked the fact that it was slightly longer than the previous ones. Much thanks! Reply

miriam melbourne, australia December 10, 2009

What if....Chanukah The girls loved it very much, they missed the jokes (too young) but loved the imagery. I think they just need to see it a few times- but they want to see the succah again. Keep spreading the light.
Happy Chanukah Reply

Chana G chicago, IL December 10, 2009

I like it that the kids' wishing becomes real. It makes all of us more into spreading light too and not just wishing it. I liked the fight where the men fight and then they don't fight and then they fight and then they don't fight. It's a great story and great animation. Reply

Dena Taub London, UK December 10, 2009

Superb! I'm completely wowed away by the stunning graphics. Incredible attention to detail - those herringbone cobblestones, reflective lino floor, even the dumpster! ... Not to mention the creative script and tangible Chanukah message. Thank you :) Reply

Naama Seattle, WA December 10, 2009

cartoon Are all these cartoons available on DVD?
I would love to have these on DVD. Reply

Jacqueline Toronto, Ontario December 10, 2009

ABSOLUTELY So many kids and adults hurt because of so much mean spiritedness...they have to be empowered to know they can spread their light...and accept that maybe it won't change everyone but that maybe they might comfort and empower a few. Reply

cydank melbourne, australia December 10, 2009

amazing I love it. Yitzchak Faigenbaum, hurray for you. If I had little ones I would insist they watch it.
Have to send it to my grandchildren instead. Reply

MG Brooklyn, NY December 10, 2009

great concept and implemented beautifully - thank you for the well done cartoon!! Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan December 9, 2009

I'm 43 years old But this is enlightening! Reply

Shellie Jackson, CA,usa December 9, 2009

let your light shine Happy Hannuka!!! What a darling animated moral. Thank you and I look forward to much, much more. Reply

Rabbi Greg De Valera Torrance, California December 9, 2009

Very well done! All children (and adults!) should watch this. Thank you for sharing. Reply

Mike December 9, 2009

WOW!!! Are you kidding me, i would pay to watch this, this is the best jewish cartoon on the planet, your wasome!

Anonymous ny December 9, 2009

dina speaking about socks not maching, your skirt and socks dont mach. Reply

Anonymous December 9, 2009

video it is so funny Reply

zundel NY December 9, 2009

best one so far Reply