Get Your Own Letter in the Children's Sefer Torah

Get Your Own Letter in the Children's Sefer Torah

Have the scribe write a letter in the Torah just for you!

You will receive a beautiful personalized certificate from the Children's Sefer Torah office in Israel - the Holy Land - telling you in which portion of the Torah "your" letter has been written.
This is what your certificate will look like
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Parents: Fill out this form for all of your children:

Important Information
  1. Boys under the age of 13 and girls under the age of 12 may purchase a letter in this Torah Scroll.
  2. One letter may be bought per child.
  3. Letters may be bought for very young children, even for newborn babies.
  4. Letters may be bought as a gift, or on behalf of children who did not buy one themselves.
How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of each letter is symbolic; one U.S. dollar or its equivalent in other currencies. You can become a partner in this campaign by adding a donation on top of the $1 purchase price.


Girls above the age of 12 and boys above the age of 13 should click here to purchase their letters in a general Torah Scroll.

How to Purchase Your Letter
  1. To order on line, fill out the form below
  2. To order by mail, print this form and mail it to the following address: Children's Torah Scroll, PO Box 8, Kfar Chabad, 6084000 Israel
  3. If you have questions or want to send us a comment please click here.
  4. For schools and groups sending multiple names, please use the Excel file available upon request here. Certificates can be sent to one address for distribution.
Registration Form
For your certificate: Write your Jewish name as you want it to appear.
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Mailing Address
Other Information
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Payment Information
Price per letter: $1    Pricing Information
Become a partner in this campaign by adding an additional donation.
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of your certificate