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Parshat Eikev

The Itche Kadoozy Show Moses For President The Parshah Report

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Anonymous December 6, 2018

5124 Reply

mendel hein pittsford June 26, 2018

yes! i got 2390!

P.S. can you make just two more waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier videos of itche kadoozy?? Reply

moshe ny May 18, 2018

i got 2270! Reply

mendel hein pittsford June 26, 2018
in response to moshe:

you got a yummy score and mine stinks:1060 Reply

Shalomea Girl March 3, 2018

1550! NEW SCORE! Reply

aussie girl sydney australia January 21, 2018

1220 Reply

Tzippy Maryland Silver Spring January 19, 2018


aussie girl sydney australia January 21, 2018
in response to Tzippy:


Anonymous Amearica January 2, 2018

2120... Reply

Anonymous NYC January 2, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

good job Reply

Captain America Dallas, TX, USA October 13, 2017

1090...not my best score... Reply

Avital Ben - yoav 6 WOODVILE ROAD August 22, 2017

I got
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Reply

Tzippy Maryland September 29, 2017
in response to Avital Ben - yoav:

REALLY? i only got 830 lol Reply

Eli January 11, 2019
in response to Avital Ben - yoav:

ye, no you didnt Reply

anonymous london August 13, 2017

i got 2420 points Reply

Anonymous Bellingham, A March 24, 2017

i got points 99999 Reply

orly cohen miami, florida July 22, 2016

sooooooooooo much fun!!!!! your games are really fun!!!!!
keep it up!!!!!
I don't usually get such good scores but it's really fun! Reply

Leah Bukiet 7 yrs Salvador June 29, 2016

Hey! Hi I actually didn't do so well on this one....
1110 points...
But it is fun... Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, New York April 28, 2016

Hooray! I got everything right and within 25 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!1 Reply

Keira Ringwood N.J April 23, 2016

That was really funney!!! Reply

dovid Chicago March 6, 2016

i got 2080 Reply

Anonymous January 23, 2016

eikev i got 2460 Reply

Anonymous hoo,hoo January 22, 2016

eikev i got 2430 Reply

Anonymous Augusta GA October 29, 2015

its so weird. please tell the makers of this game when the question is asked, you have 30 seconds to answer it. once, i answered on the 30 (it starts of as 30) then by the bonus points you get for the question, i got 0(bonus time points)! its so weird. please tell them to fix that. thanks. Reply

keira nj October 17, 2015

WOWOWOWOWOWOW its not even my bat mitzva till 2 years and i got 168 can you beleve that 1680 Reply