Parshat Vaetchanan

The Itche Kadoozy Show Moses For President The Parshah Report

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chiam brooklin September 22, 2020

i got 2020!!!! Reply

moishe brooklin September 30, 2020
in response to chiam:

chiam is my big bro Reply

m israel June 19, 2020

you're grocery list is pickles??? Reply

me here June 16, 2020

i got 2400 Reply

Anonymous here June 16, 2020

i got 2210 Reply

ME!!!!! Nowerville June 2, 2020

I GOT -1390! Reply

Jacob Newman New York April 8, 2020

how do i play this game? Reply

ms here July 29, 2020
in response to Jacob Newman:

you listen to the instructions and then choose the correct answer Reply

Levi Lipskar Johannesburg via December 10, 2019

i got 2320 Reply

Asher Yonteff Baltimore May 20, 2020
in response to Levi Lipskar:

I got 2330! LOL Reply

Anonymous london October 11, 2019

i got 2340

am i good Reply

Anonymous Baltimore September 17, 2019

i got 2400 Reply

me August 23, 2019

if you do it once and remember all the answers you can get a high score
p.s. i got the high score Reply

avital ben yoav london June 11, 2019

score 2040 Reply

M.S July 3, 2019
in response to avital ben yoav:

my score is 2300 Reply

Anonymous London July 26, 2019
in response to avital ben yoav:

2380 Reply

Anonymous August 22, 2019
in response to avital ben yoav:

3000 Reply

anonymous universe July 28, 2019
in response to M.S:

me too 2300 Reply

Ari kaminetzky taos February 21, 2019

i have the awnsers to the parsha chalenge the awnser to the first qestion is 1 the awnser to the match up is 2112112 the awnser to the second qestion is 2 the awnser to the third is 4 Reply

levi edelman Luxembourg. Luxembourg October 28, 2018

I got exactly 2,390 Reply

Mendel Hein Pittsford, NY February 5, 2019
in response to levi edelman:

nice Reply

b new York October 10, 2018

i got 2390 Reply

Rochi June 1, 2018

750!!! Not too good... Reply

Happy Maryland September 29, 2017

I GOT 2170!! Reply


1400 for a three year old, that's pretty good Reply

Donald Trump Cary December 23, 2016

wow! i dint know I could do this so well! I got 2280 Reply

mentch munchies Austin, Texas December 8, 2016

i got 2280 score Reply

Hadasah Valencia Red Bluff September 28, 2016

hey that is not nice to say meir!!!!!!!! Reply