Look around
Now what do you see
Haven’t you wondered
How it all came to be

The stars in the sky
The moon and the sun
Haven’t you wondered
Where they all came from

It all became
Cause Hashem wanted so
People in the world
About Hashem they should know

Ten words that he spoke
That’s all that was done
From nothing at all
The world did become

Let there be light
And then there was light
He even created
The darkness of night

And much more than that
Hashem must always do
He creates the world constantly
And makes it brand new

It all became…

Let’s make a man
On earth down below
To show the world
The way to live
The way the world should go
Seven commandments
To the world Hashem did give
To make the world a better place
For everyone to live

It all became…