The long awaited cry
Fills the delivery room
To the nurses standing around
It’s the old familiar tune

But to a mother young and proud
It’s not another boy or girl
It’s a new born Jewish child
A gift for all of the world

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
That special child
Means you too
It’s your birthday

It’s that one and only day
When your luck stands so strong
Like when Rosh Hashanah comes
We separate right from wrong

We look back at the passing year
At all the good things we’ve achieved
And decide from here and on
It’s only gonna be good deeds


So the next time your birthday arrives
Thank G‑d for giving you life
Learn Torah a little more
And give tzedakah to the poor

Invitations to your party send
To all your family and your friends
Please come and join with me
A celebration it’s gonna be