Have you heard the story about the man
To go to Mexico was his plan
He saved all his money the entire year
So he could pay for the plane fare

But when the day for his trip finally came
He broke his leg and he missed the plane
He was sent to the hospital for the day
While his plane took off on the runway

Try as he could he failed to see
Why G‑d did this to me
All my saving and spending
Has been in vain
If someone could explain

Now watching tv that very same day
The news interrupted and began to say
A terrible crash happened today
A plane to Mexico was blown away

As the news went on
It came to light
Yes, indeed that was his flight
He thanked Hashem
Right there in his bed
For saving his life
By breaking his leg

Thank Hashem where ever you go
Thank Hashem because you know
What ever he does is for the good
Thank Hashem as much as you could

Like the waves that roll up on the shore
All you see is water and nothing more
But down below you’ll explore
The whole big world on the ocean floor

So now that we all can see
The world is not the way it seems to be
When you’re feeling down
And ready to fall
Remember there’s reason for it all

Thank Hashem…