The super-heroes around today,
Are just a bunch of fakes.
So let's find out about a superman,
Who was real - for goodness sakes!

Could he leap from tall buildings,
In just one single bound?
Awww - he could take the whole building,
And CRASH it to the ground!

He could pick up two mountains.
They felt light as a feather.
Big mountains became pebbles,
When he'd SMASH them together!

Who was this mighty, super man?
Samson was his name.
Samson had super powers,
And he knew from where they came.

He could win every battle.
He could right every wrong,
As long as Samson saw that,
It was G‑d Who made him strong!

He wouldn't fight just one bad guy.
He'd knock out a whole bunch.
Samson was a good and kind man,
That could really pack a punch!

Once, he was tied up with lots of ropes.
They were all strong and thick.
With one big SNAP he had escaped.
That was an easy trick!

Once, a lion ran right for him.
Samson heard up close his, "RRROARRRRRR!"
And then, with just his own bare hands,
That wild lion - he tore!

He didn't brag about his strength,
Or show off, or act proud.
When people saw what he could do,
He'd call out clear and loud:

"G‑d is the One Who helps me win.
It's G‑d Who makes me strong.
G‑d is the One with all power.
To G‑d, all thanks belong!"

Our super man was not afraid,
Of the biggest enemy.
The Philistines were ruling,
Until Samson set us free.

Samson fought those Philistines.
One blow, a thousand fell.
Could Samson win without G‑d's help?
Stay tuned! We soon will tell.

Just for one tiny moment,
Samson forgot to see,
That G‑d gave him his powers.
He wondered, "Is it me?"

And suddenly - his strength was gone!
It got taken away.
Our super man was captured!
Do you think we screamed, "OY VAY!?"

They blinded him. They laughed at him.
Delilah cut his hair.
They dragged him to their fancy hall.
They worshipped idols there.

Then, all the Philistine bigshots,
Gathered around to see,
Was this weak guy a super man?
No way! How could it be?

The Philistines, they bragged and bragged,
"See what our G‑ds have done!
You call your G‑d - Al-mighty!
But look at who has won!"

Samson heard, and called out to G‑d,
"Let them see it's not true!
I don't care if they make fun of me -
But they can't make fun of You!"

His muscles could not help him.
There is no man of steel.
There is only our one true G‑d,
With spuer powers that are real!

Samson called out to G‑d,
"Please, forgive me now!
Please, G‑d, let me be strong!"
G‑d gave him one last POW!!!

Samson grabbed the two big poles,
That made the grand hall stand.
He pushed on them hard as he could.
UUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMPH! - With both his hands.

He pushed, and pushed, and then he PUSHED.
There was an AWESOME rumble.
The roof gave way - and suddenly -
The walls began to tumble!

Faster than a speeding bullet,
It was over in a flash.
All you could hear was,
BOOM! and ZAP!, BANG!, and BAM!, and CRASH!

The biggest Philistine bigshots,
Got crushed inside their hall.
The Philistines had bragged and bragged.
Then came their big downfall.

Many times in Samson's life,
He'd battled Philistines before.
But, when Samson died,
That's when he wiped out even more.

Yes, Samson, too, had fallen,
Right down, with all of them.
Samson gave his life for G‑d's sake.
That's called a Kiddush Hashem.

Should you go around fighting?
No siree! No way!
But super powers are in reach.
Back then - up to today!

You just have to remember,
That it's G‑d Who makes us strong.
That's the super hard part.
All the rest will come along.

Now that you know our real super man,
The fake ones just won't do.
Keep G‑d in mind -
And you just may find -
That you're really super too!