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Fun Lessons and Bouncing Rhymes for Kids

Everyday stories, with very special lessons for kids.

A Birthday to Remember
The secret police in our village watched us closely to stop us from doing anything Jewish.
Pick Your Table!
There once was a great rabbi,
Who had a dream one night.
And in the dream he got to see,
A most amazing sight...
The Courage Club
New Members Wanted
Four boys started The Courage Club, Four Jewish boys, alone. Four boys without Their Moms or Dads, So far away from home...
Where is G-d?
Where is G-d? Is He really there?
The Car That... Couldn't!
There was once a little red car that couldn't go.
Rainbow Colored Land
I put up a great big fuss until they gave me a red balloon just like Suzy's. But then something very strange happened...
The super-heroes around today, Are just a bunch of fakes. So let's find out about a superman, Who was real - for goodness sakes!
Don't Read This!
I talk in a way that you'll listen,
But nobody else ever knows!
And then when you end up in trouble -
Well that's just the way that it goes!
G-d's Candy
"And what is brighter and sweeter
Than this watermelon's red?
Why would you want to choose
A plain brown candy bar instead?"
I Want to be Big
David was a happy boy,
But one thing made him sad.
He wanted to be BIG so much,
He started to get mad...
New Baby
Today lots of people kept coming.
But they came just to see,
The new little baby put into my room.
Why didn't they look at me?
Can You Imagine?
About the Jewish Holidays
On Rosh Hashanah, when you hear the shofar’s cry, Can you imagine a fire engine racing by? Its siren blasts “Watch out!” to all...
The Purim Story
Meet the Purim characters through the medium of verse and rhyme. The Purim story for children...
The Gragger
Suddenly, there was an awful noise. The name of Haman had been read, and little Yaakov was swinging his gragger with all his might. Everyone became very frightened. One man wanted to take the gragger away from him...
In an Instant
In the course of the investigation, the king discovered that he was a descendant of Haman, the son of Hamdatha the chief minister of King Ahasuerus in Shushan, the capital of ancient Persia and Medea...
The Purim Song
Suddenly, the rebbe gave an order to turn around and stop at the inn. His students were surprised. What could they possibly do in the company of drunken peasants?
The Other Purims
Purim, as we all know, is the joyous festival celebrated each year on the 14th of Adar, commemorating the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people from Haman's plot. But the Jewish calendar contains numerous other "Purims" as well. Here are some of their stories...
Purim Hebron
A new pasha came into power as ruler over Hebron, and he was a Jew-hater. He lost no time in introducing new edicts against the Jewish community . . .
Purim Fossano
The spring of 1796 was a time of unrest and war. France was in the throes of its revolution, and Italy was the scene of battle between French and Austrian armies...
Purim Yemen
The young prince was as wise as he was handsome. When he rode on his white Arab steed, he looked lovelier than any Arab prince in the world…
Purim Vincent
Vincent Fettmilch rose to his feet and arrogantly informed the city council that he and the baker's guild would not take part in the coronation until their demands were satisfied. The council meeting was thrown into an uproar...
Purim Saragossa
Suddenly an old, gray-bearded, stately man appeared before him, saying: "Arise! Waste no time. Hurry to the synagogue and quickly put the Sifrei Torah inside their cases. But say not a word to anyone!"