Parshat Shelach for Kids

Shelach Roundup
A quick family-oriented summary of the events in this week's Parshah. Kids, read it online to get a picture of all the exciting going-ons in this week's parshah. Parents, print it out to share at the Shabbat table
We’ve Got a Grape Show!
Shelach Parshah Report
When Moses sent spies to scout the land of Israel, they saw giant grapes, got scared, and ran away. In this edition of the Week in Rejew, Jono interviews one of them (one of the giant grapes, that is).
Moshe Rabbeinu sent a leader from all tribes
To go to Canaan and to describe
The appearance of the land and of the people too
Are they strong or weak, many or few...
Coloring Pages
A Parshah Coloring Book, with drawings illustrating the events in each parshah, to print out and color