Picture the Scene: Thousands of Israelites; men, women and children are fleeing Egypt. In front of them the ocean. Behind them, the Egyptian army ready for war. They can neither advance nor retreat. What can they do?

Moses (Moshe), cries out in prayer to G‑d, who answers “Tell the children of Israel to journey forth!” They hesitate, too scared to leap into the raging waters. Suddenly, Nachshon, son of Aminadav, tribal prince of Judah, appears. Showing complete faith in Hashem, he wades into the sea until the water reaches his nostrils! And at that very moment, G‑d splits the sea so the Jews can walk through on dry land.

Every Jew has the power within him to reach the level of faith that Nachshon demonstrated at the splitting of the sea. When a Jew resolves to perform G‑d's will with total disregard for the obstacles in his path, G‑d provides a way to overcome all hurdles, no matter what!

Meet Dmitriy: A tough, accurate boxer, winner of the NYC Golden Glove, and an observant Jew!

They call him “the Star of David”, and like King David of old, he sure has G‑d on his side! Both in the ring and out, and even before he became observant, Dmitriy always prayed to G‑d, because as he says: “I have a personal relationship with G‑d that I won’t compromise. My boxing is such a big part of my life, but it won’t get in the way of my religion.”

Boxing has shown Dmitriy that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you just have to pick yourself up again! And when he’s not a boxing blur in the ring, he’s helping people around him, because he knows that it’s the personal responsibility of every Jew to have a positive effect on the world.

Considered one of the most talented young boxers out there, Dmitriy is actually toughest when he’s not in the ring: he refuses to fight on Shabbat, the day of rest. This is one Jewish champion who has the courage to stand up for what he believes in, no matter the cost!