World’s largest bottle of wine

stands 6 ½ feet tall and weighs 785 pounds.
That’s enough wine to fill
387 standard
wine bottles!
Imagine how many people you’d need at your Passover Seder to empty that bottle!

World’s Largest
Matzah Ball

weighed in at 26 pounds!
It was created in Los Angeles
in August 2006.

Passover Coke

Even the world’s most popular drink is Kosher for Passover.
Coke makes a
special run for Passover that contains real sugar instead of the corn syrup normally used.

Kosher for Passover pet food?!

Having no Chametz in your possession during Passover, also means feeding your pets with special Kosher for Passover food! Not only can we buy plenty of Passover foods for us (everything from ketchup to pickles - just check the label and make sure it says “Kosher for Passover”), rabbinic agencies have lists of Passover treats your pet will love!

Passover Number Crunch

More than 40% of all kosher food sales occur the week prior to Passover.

Over 1.2 Million pounds of Matzah are sent to Russia for the Passover Seders!

Over 50 Million Matzot are manufactured for Passover each year. Laid side by side, they would reach from Chicago to Warsaw!

At the Passover Seder each person eats 3 Ounces of Matzah; and
1 Ounce
of Maror (Bitter Herbs); and drinks 4 Cups, each holding at least 3 ounces of wine or grape-juice.