The Seder is drawing to a close.

We’ve told the entire Passover story, eaten all that Matzah, drunk 4 cups of wine, and we’re ready to wrap things up...

But wait! There’s one cup still full!
Who didn’t finish the 4th cup?
The large goblet in the middle of the table belongs to a very special guest: Elijah the Prophet, who visits every single Seder tonight, seeing how Jews around the globe celebrate the Festival of Passover.

The Fifth Cup

We drink 4 cups to represent the 4 ways G‑d freed us from Egypt (see page 17 for details). The 5th cup represents a final and complete freedom, something which hasn’t happened yet, but is soon to come:

The coming of Moshiach and Redemption!
A man, who just like Moses, will lead his people to freedom. Who will bring in a time when there will be no fighting, no sick people and no death. A world we’ve been all been waiting and praying for - where everyone has everything they need, there is absolute peace and everyone is truly happy!

Special feast in honor of Moshiach!

On the 8th day of Passover, we eat Matzah and drink 4 cups of wine, because now is the time to learn from the past and look to the future. A future where we will celebrate Passover in peace and harmony together with Moshiach.