4 cups of red wine, or grapejuice so sweet
We drink at the Seder, a Passover treat!
The 4 cups represent the ways we became free
When G‑d took us from Egypt and across the split sea!
“I will RELEASE you”,
“I will SAVE you”
“I will LIBERATE you”, G‑d said.
“I will TAKE you as My People”

And to Israel we were led.
A proud nation we became
And we celebrate as one
By drinking these 4 cups
And praising G‑d for all He’s done.

The Four Cups

4 cups of wine or grape-juice are drunk during the Passover Seder. Make sure your cup holds at least 86 ml (a little over 3 ounces), and try and drink the whole cup each time. Remember to lean to your left like royalty when you drink, because on Passover we are like kings and queens!

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