This is Bella Sandman (6) of Miami Beach, Florida. She sent in a report about something really extraordinary that she did during Succos.

She was visiting her family up north, in New Haven, Connecticut. One day she went with her cousins and her aunt to do the Mitzvos of Lulov and Esrog on the local college campus. One woman they met turned out to be a Professor of Religion. Bella made such a good impression on her that the Professor asked Bella and her cousins if they would come to her class, and explain the Mitzvah to her students!

So there was a 6 year old girl, teaching grown-up students about the Mitzvos of Succos. WOW!

That’s what makes Bella a Mitzvah Champion!

Bella is not unique. Children in Tzivos Hashem are all Mitzvah Champions.

We know there are a lot of you out there, trying hard to do Mitzvos the best way you can. Especially Mitzvos that involve acts of kindness, responsibility, and helping others. We would like to hear about it.

Send us a report of a good deed that you did! Be sure to send in a picture too!

Now here is a picture worth saving! This is Altie Spielman of Brooklyn. She is three years old, and just beginning to light a candle of her own for Shabbos and Yom Tov, like Rivka did, the wife of Yitzchak, when she was three. This picture is Altie’s very first time. Do you know what she said, when she uncovered her eyes and saw her very own candle shining there?

She said,“Good Shabbos!”