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Chanukah Stories

Narrated Chanukah stories children will love to follow along with.

The Chanukah Lights Tale
The Chanukah Story
The tiny flame flickered and made a curtsy. "Good Chanukah!" the Chanukah Light said
Miracle of the Maccabees
The Chanukah Story (Audio)
This action-filled radio play portrays the miracle of Chanukah as a victory of Jewish spirit over the forces of assimilation.
The Story
An animated version of the Chanukah story
The Miracle of Oil
Listen to the exciting story of the miracle of Chanukah.
The Dreidel
Audio | 2:13
The Dreidel
This story behind the tradition of playing the fun game of dreidel on Chanukah.
Nine Spoons
Video | 11:18
Nine Spoons
A Chanukah Story
The last night of Chanukah was drawing to a close, but the flames of the small menorah still shown brightly...
Night Number Three
My name is Matisyahu Dovber Tzvi; my birthday is on night number three...
Joey: Hero of the Hour
A Chanukah Adventure
Joey discovers an important lesson from the miracle of Chanukah
Yaakov & Isaac: The Miracle
It's Chanukah again and everytime we light our menorah I ask myself the same question...
The Incredible Dreidel
A Shmuel Kunda Story
An imaginative, unbelievable tale about a Chanukah dreidel that had the letter "gimmel" on every side!
Gittel and the Giggle Latkes
A magical Chanukah adventure with extraordinary characters that keeps twisting and turning to keep you guessing and entertained throughout the many laughs.
The Adventures of Shmatke the Latke
And Other Funny Chanukah Stories
Jewish Story Time

The Itche Kadoozy Show