Purim Videos

A special selection of Purim videos for kids and kids at heart

Purim: The Lot
Video | 50:08
Purim: The Lot
Take an exciting trip back in time to the court of King Ahasuerus and his beautiful Jewish wife Queen Esther as you watch the dramatic story of the Jewish rebellion against Persian persecution.
Make a Duct Tape Gift Basket
Make a woven basket out of duct tape to use for your Purim mishloach manot.
The Queen of Persia
Video | 46:34
The Queen of Persia
The Animated Purim Story
A virtuous heroine. A wicked villain. It’s the ancient, true story of Queen Esther, brought vividly to life in a delightfully educational way.
Purim Is Awesome!
Video | 3:19
Purim Is Awesome!
Jono talks about the miracle of Jewish survival and the four special mitzvot of Purim.
Play the Purim Match-It Game
Learn about Purim with Rabbi B. Download the game and play along!
The Purim Senses Song
Sing along with Rabbi B and discover how the mitzvahs of Purim engage all our senses.
The Miracle of Purim
A Judaism-related comedy show spectacular!
The holiday of Purim in the eyes of Rabbi Kadoozy, Jono and friends.
The Purim Slideshow
Video | 25:00
The Purim Slideshow
Experience the entire story of Purim in this interactive narrated slideshow that takes you through the story as it is written in the Megillah
Miracle Days - Purim
A Musical Journey Through the Story of Purim
Join the fun as we sing and dance our way through the holiday of Purim.
Let's Bake Hamantashen
Visit a kosher bakery just before Purim as thousands of hamantashen—the preferred Purim treat—are prepared, and see what goes into making these delectable delights.
The Megillah - Behind the Scenes
Watch and learn how a real Megillah is made as we visit a real Sofer - expert scribe.
Boo Hoo Haman
Video | 2:24
Boo Hoo Haman
Listen to the Boo Boo Haman song and sing along!
Purim Secrets
Video | 1:30
Purim Secrets
What happens when you dress up? Which is the real you?
Make a Purim Grogger
Two-minute craft with Rebbetzin Tapp