Which is the most important letter in the entire Torah? Maybe the first one? Or the last one? Or the one in the middle? Do you think there might be one letter that the Torah just can't do without?

There is: If any single letter of the Torah's 304,805 letters is missing, the whole Torah scroll has to be wrapped up and put away until it is fixed. So if someone asks you, "What’s the most important letter in the Torah?" the answer is, "Every letter is!"

Now imagine all the Jewish people as one Torah scroll. Each person, big or small, rich or poor, a pious scholar or just a simple Jew, is one letter. That makes everyone just as important as everyone else, right?

Children from across the globe living in different cultures come together through this Torah. Children, the Torah tells us, are considered to be pure and without sin. Thus the Children’s unity, through the Torah, is much purer than a unity between those who are older.

That's what's so special about every Jewish child having his or her very own letter in the Children's Torah Scroll. It ties all the Jewish people together stronger and tighter to each other and to our precious Torah. And shows us that we are all important to each other.