One of the special mitzvot we do on Sukkot is shaking the lulav and etrog.

Check out this etrog box I made out of Lego. You can make one too! Here's how:

You will need an assortment of smooth narrow (1x) pieces, regular 1x pieces, flat “plates” and pieces, and regular 2x building blocks. To make the top and bottom of the box, if you don’t have a large enough single plate, you can make a mosaic of plates held together by another mosaic of plates.

The Lego etrog box opens and closes with a sliding top. To make the lid slide, you just use the smooth 1x pieces. Raise the edge on three sides so the lid has guides to follow.

The magen david star is really easy, just 6 1x pieces of the same length. The top has one raised edge so when it is closed it has a seamless appearance.

Happy Sukkot!