Remember, these are only examples; any other ideas are more than welcome!


  1. Share your Bar and Bat Mitzvah project and how it has helped others.
  2. Publish your artwork or writing to spread the messages of Judaism to others.
  3. Create a social media campaign to teach Jewish concepts.

Previous Submissions

  • Estee Ackermann
    1. Stand up for your Jewish values
    2. When Estee Ackerman was invited to play at the US National Table Tennis Championships, she declined because it was on Shabbat, inspiring others to put Jewish values first.
    3. Talk About 'Heart': Young Table-Tennis Star's a Model Player

  • Chaya Muchnik
    1. Challah
    2. Bake challah for members in your community and bring the taste of Shabbat to other cities in the USA.

  • Esther Tova Muhlman
    1. Penny Wars for a Cause
    2. Collecting pennies to help victims from Hurricane Sandy. You can grow your charity throughout your community.