In the beginning, G‑d said, "Let there be light"—and zappo, the light was already there. Then G‑d saw that the light was good, so He put aside the good stuff for Himself and the world got what was left.

Now is that fair? What does He need the light for anyways?

So let me do the explaining for Him: You see, there's two kinds of light: Radiant light and dark light; light that extends outward and light that pulls inward. Generally known in Kabbalah as Ohr Yashar and Ohr Chozer, translate: Direct Light and Returning Light.

Like with your thoughts. Thoughts are a kind of light generated by the mind. Some thoughts yell at you, "You gotta tell everybody this!" Other thoughts feel private and personal. Many thoughts are so personal that you yourself are not at all aware of them—but a good shrink or a close friend can tell that they are there.

Those second kind of thoughts are the dark light of your mind, the inward pulling light.

Why is it called returning light? Because the only way you can know about those thoughts is if someone else tells you about them. One of those shrinks or good friends who can feel your inner pulse and read those subtle signals on your face and those spaces between your words to know what you really mean—and what you yourself don't know that you mean.

So when G‑d created light, there was the light that went out for His creation, and there was the personal light that had to stay with Him. Yet, nevertheless, at certain points, He finds that light returning to Him, traveling backward from within His creation. Which is what makes it all worthwhile for Him.

That's the upside down vav at the very end of the alef-bet—the light returning. And where is it found? Supporting the poor dalet. When people care for one another as though the other guy and you are one, so that you lift the guy up, rather than giving from your position above, because you are there with your buddy, 100%—that's when those sparks of returning light begin to fly.

And that itself is the reason the returning light is so good at healing—because this light was the whole purpose of creating a world all along.