There are three mother letters: Alef, Mem and Shin. So is stated in the Book of Formation, the ancient Kabbalistic text attributed to Abraham. Alef is a vowel—open your mouth. Mem is a consonant—close your mouth. Shin—well, open your mouth and close it at once. Three categories of all vocal sounds.

Mem is that closed, surreptitious sound humming beneath everything. Maybe it's the cosmic microwave background radiation that keeps on messing up my low-level EMP research. Mem stands for melech--meaning king. Apparently, that's the real meaning behind that hum—it's the sound of all things looking for their king, like characters of a play in search of their author. But the author can't be found anywhere in the play—because he is everywhere, in all that happens. So too, the King who authored reality is not any particular character in His play. Rather, like the mem that is closed and concealed, He is hidden from all perception and knowledge. And yet, the King is found in all things, in their busy humming of existence.

Each creature hums its song, and with that song it hovers within the realm of existence. The motifs of its song are the letters by which it was born into reality, the name by which it is called in the Holy Tongue. As each thought of G_d oscillates between being and not-being, selfhood and reabsorption within its source, each according to its part in the play and role in the Grand Symphony, so it vibrates and sings its unique melody of praise to its Creator. Those letters of its name, they are the resonance tones of its vibration, constantly sustaining it in existence.

All the trees sing their song, the grass sings theirs, the carrots sing another, the frogs, the dogs, the hippopotamus and the sasquatch. Every cell, every element, every particle has its song in which it is united with all of its species, harmonized with all the universe, and perfectly bonded with the Infinite Light from whence it is generated. When that vital light amplifies its signal, the song is magnified and that creature is full of life. Should the signal decrease, the creature winds itself down. And if its song would be silenced for a moment, in a nanoblink a phenomena once embedded in our reality would fall from existence into the utter void, to become a nonbeing that never was.

You know, maybe it really does have something to do with that background radiation. After all, wasn't that the clincher evidence that the world began?