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Every year, we have a chance to remember the great miracles performed for us over 3,000 years ago. G‑d freed our ancestors from slavery in Egypt and chose us as a proud Jewish nation to receive His Torah—but the story doesn’t end there. Every day we can relive our freedom!

After Passover, check off the missions you completed.
Every child that enters will recieve the CKids Rubiks Cube and will be entered into the raffle for many cool prizes . . . Plus, each completed mission gives you an additional chance in the raffle!

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4 Steps to take the CKids Freedom Challenge:

Clean your bedroom* for Passover:
Search for chametz
Place any found chametz in a designated bin or cabinet.
Cut out the provided “Cleaned for Passover” sign.
Hang the sign on your bedroom door
*) Chametz should be removed from all your possessions, or set aside and sold to a non-Jew for the duration of Passover.

Shop for The Big Three:
Buy “The Big Three” (or check that you have them at home)
Set aside “The Big Three” for the Seder in a place that has be cleaned for Passover

Light the Candles:
On Friday, April 3rd (before sunset), boys and girls set up the candles. (There should be at least two for your mom and one for each girl.)
Girls and women light the candles before sunset,* then circle their arms around the candles three times and recite the blessings. (Click here to print the blessings.)

Eat “The Big Three”
and talk about freedom:
On Friday, April 3rd, set up “The Big Three” at your Seder table.
Sit down with your family for a Seder in the evening.
Sit down with your family for a Seder in the evening.
Relive the freedom from Pharaoh by eating “The Big Three.”
Lead the Freedometer Game at your Seder table.
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