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"And they built treasure cities for Pharaoh, Pithome and Raamses"

Pithome is the Greed Patumos, situated on the Arabic gulf; Raamses according to latest explorations seems probably to be the old city of Heroopolis, nearly ten hour's walk easterly from Pithom.

On the occasion of building the railway-line from Suez to the interior of Egypt, excavations were made and the ruins of an old city were uncovered, recognized by the archaeologists as the old Pithom. Also the storehouses, built by our fathers, distinctly were recognized.

On a mural painting, found in the ruins of Thebes, there are laborers, painted with unmistakable semitical features, occupied with making bricks, and driven to labor from two Aegyptic taskmasters with rods in the hand. Also other Aegyptic mural paintings and papyri confirm the biblical report in many details; thus modern science must testify the truth of our Torah.