The Chanukah Lights Tale

The Chanukah Story

The tiny flame flickered and made a curtsy. "Good Chanukah!" the Chanukah Light said

<b>1.</b> Many years ago...
The Story of the First Chanukah Light
It was an old man, frail in body but a giant in spirit, who first raised the banner of revolt
<b>2.</b>The following day...
The Story of the Second Chanukah Light
Have no fear, for it is not our weapons that defeated the enemy in the past
<b>3.</b> After greeting...
The Story of the Third Chanukah Light
They destroyed one battalion after another, but there seemed no end
<b>4.</b> Four little flames...
The Story of the Fourth Chanukah Light
Triphon wanted to murder the king and then proclaim himself king
<b>5.</b> Five little flames...
The Story of the Fifth Chanukah Light
Now there was only one left of the five brave sons of Mattityahu
<b>6.</b> The light flickered...
The Story of the Sixth Chanukah Light
There was a venerable man among them. He was always on his feet
<b>7.</b> Seven little flames...
The Story of the Seventh Chanukah Light
Every morning he would invariably find the western lamp burning
<b>8.</b> We are all here...
The Story of the Eighth Chanukah Light
Even in the darkest of all nights for our people, we, the little Chanukah Lights