Five little flames fluttered in the Chanukah Lamp. They all curtsied and greeted little Chaim with a hearty 'Happy Chanukah!" The Fifth Light, shining more brightly than the others, began her story:

Now there was only one left of the five brave sons of Mattityahu. Yehuda, Elazar, Yochanan and Yonatan had all given their lives for their people. It was Shimon’s turn to take over the leadership. All the people of Israel implored him to become their leader and High Priest, promising to follow him even as they followed his brothers.

The Land of Israel was still surrounded by many enemies, and Shimon had to fight many battles before he succeeded in freeing the country of all enemies within and without.

On the third anniversary of Shimon’s leadership, all the elders and nobles of Israel gathered in Jerusalem to do honor to their beloved High Priest. They offered thanksgiving to G‑d for delivering them from all their enemies. Amid great cheering and jubilation they proclaimed Shimon Prince of Israel and High Priest. All the people pledged their allegiance to him and his family. On bronze tablets the brave deeds of Mattityahu and his sons were then recorded, and the tablets were placed upon the columns supporting the balconies of the Holy Temple. Similar tablets were presented to Shimon as a token of everlasting love and gratitude.

Once again the Jews lived happily in their own land, free to worship G‑d in peace and security. And every year, on the 25th day of Kislev, they celebrated the festival of Chanukah by kindling the Chanukah Lights, and telling their children of G‑d’s wonderful miracles.