Four little flames flickered in the Chanukah Lamp. All of them curtsied and greeted little Chaim. Without losing any time, the Fourth Chanukah Light began her story:

Many battles were fought and won by Yehuda and his followers, but in one of the battles brave Yehuda fell. All Israel mourned the death of their hero. They then turned to his brother Yonatan for leadership.

Fortunately for the Jews, there was again trouble in Syria. Demetrius who was king of Syria at that time, was challenged by his rival, Alexander. Now Demetrius did not love Yonatan, and feared him. But even more did he fear his rival Alexander. So Demetrius decided to win Yonatan over to his side. He sent messengers asking Yonatan to forget the old grievances and become his friend.

Alexander met this move by sending Yonatan a golden crown and kingly robes with a message of friendship, saying that he would be glad to see him the High Priest and king of the Jews.

Yonatan sided with Alexander, for he knew that Demetrius was treacherous and was not to be trusted. When Alexander and Demetrius met on the battlefield, Demetrius fell in battle and Alexander triumphed. Alexander celebrated his victory in the town of Acco and invited King Ptolemy of Egypt and Yonatan to take part in the festivities. Yonatan was accorded royal honors.

Some years passed, and again a new king reigned in Syria. There was so much rivalry and treachery among the Syrians that they changed kings often. But in the meantime Yonatan reigned in the Land of Israel in a true spirit of justice and love. He was also the High Priest, being the grandson of Yochanan the High Priest. All Jews loved and honored him.

Now one of the trusted men of the king of Syria was a man called Triphon. Triphon wanted to murder the king and then proclaim himself king. Knowing that Yonatan would avenge such treachery, he made up his mind to get rid of him. So Triphon made a party one day, and invited Yonatan. Yonatan did not suspect the trap Triphon had for him. When Yonatan was left unguarded, Triphon took him prisoner.

The Chanukah Light sighed as a shiny tear, like a pearl, rolled down Chaim’s cheek.

"I am sorry my story has such a sad ending," said the Fourth Chanukah Light, "but my time is up. Tomorrow you will hear a more cheerful story. So long!"