We are now in the midst of the Three Weeks period of semi-mourning, beginning with the 17th of Tammuz which commemorates the breaching of the walls of Jerusalem; the 6th article offers Kabbalah insights on this 22-day span that culminates on the 9th of Av, the 24 hour fast in memory of the destruction of the Holy Temple (article 7).

This week is also the yahrzeit of the great Kabbalists of Tzefat/Safed,
RABBI MOSHE CORDEVERO, predecessor and teacher of the Holy Ari --
see the first three articles.
These are followed by another article for the Three Weeks (see also last week's edition)
and one each for the double Torah reading, the first of which is from the Ohr HaChayim, as promised last week.

ATTENTION: Double Prayer Special for 5 Menachem-Av/9 Days of Mourning.
Join thousands at the Arizal's gravesite on his yahrtzeit by sending a prayer, together with your donation, to KabbalaOnline-shop. [It must arrive before July 10, 2013.]