QUESTION 1: "I've read and have been told many different reasons for a Jewish soul to be born into a gentile body for a gilgul: such as for punishment, or because in a previous gilgul the person was karet ('cut off' from the soul body of the Jewish nation), etc. - the main goal being rectification. By what means may a person understand and know clearly why his or her Jewish soul was born into a Gentile?"

ANSWER 1: He can't - unless he can find someone like the Holy Arizal.

QUESTION 2: "Is it possible to find a Rebbe who can see or help the person him/herself to see what the reason is for their gilgul like this?"

ANSWER 2: It is possible there is such a one, but unlikely to be found.

QUESTION 3: "If the person cannot find a Rebbe who can help, what other ways can the person make use of to achieve clarity and understanding about why this kind of gilgul happened with their Jewish soul? I think that such clarity and understanding would be a powerful tool in rectifying the Jewish soul that has a gilgul in a gentile body."

ANSWER 3: Apparently G‑d disagrees with you, because he has made this information almost unavailable. Our job in this life is to make the right choices at times of moral decisions - all of them, not just the ones that we believe to be more personally relevant for tikun-rectification.

QUESTION 4: "When the person who has such a gilgul, when they are finally able to undergo Orthodox conversion back to Judaism, does this mean that they have rectified whatever condition they had caused that brought about this gilgul of their Jewish soul into a gentile body?"

ANSWER 4: Maybe, but not necessarily. Or, better: at least partially, but not necessarily completely.

QUESTION: "How does the Kabbalah explain the fundamental difference between Jews and non-Jews?"

ANSWER: We believe that Jews have a "second" soul which enables a special connection with the Divine. On a tangible level, this manifests in that G‑d has more requirements of Jews than of others, and thus all the commandments and their details expressed in our Torah.

QUESTION: "I don't understand the difference between a Jewish and non-Jewish soul. I have heard that Judaism sees the Jewish soul as divine and the non-Jewish soul as not.
Does the gentile soul live on after death also? Is there a difference with the two in what happens at death, and is there awareness after death?"

ANSWER: What you heard was a bit distorted. We believe that Jews are given an extra layer of soul, in order to accomplish all the extra commandments we have, and it is true that we call this soul "the divine soul". But obviously, all souls are from G‑d, so all souls are divine in that essential sense. Souls don't die; only bodies do. Souls go on to their reward and punishment, with Jewish souls being judged more strictly than others because of this extra layer of soul. It is, by the way, because of these greater expectations of G‑d upon us and the resultant stricter judgment that we are advised to discourage potential converts. The awareness of souls in the spiritual worlds is directed towards G‑d and the spiritual realms, not towards this physical earth.

QUESTION: "Is there some form of afterlife for the heathen nations of the world?"

ANSWER: Gentiles have souls that correspond to their 7 mitzvot. Definitely these souls have an obligation to serve G‑d and behave morally, and thus they have an afterlife as well. For more information on the 7 mitzvot of gentiles, check out

QUESTION: "Shalom. I am not Jewish, but somehow have felt drawn to Judaism for years now. I study Judaism with trusted mentors and study Torah as best I can. Kabbalah makes a lot of sense to me and although the language is new to me, some of the concepts I have somehow always instinctively known and help me to understand Torah much better. Could it be that I am a reincarnated Jewish soul? And where do I fit in, I just don't care for the limitations of the 7 Noahide laws. There is something about them that limits...they seem like table scraps to me. I don't mean to be disrespectful, I am just expressing what I feel like as someone who doesn't seem to fit anywhere."

ANSWER: I understand your position and your opinion. If you wish to go beyond the Noahide laws and attain Jewish opportunities and responsibilities, you must convert according to Jewish law. There are no alternatives. The requirement to convert is not effected by whether you are a reincarnated Jewish soul or not - although of course this could help to explain your yearning.

QUESTION: "I would like to know if non-Jews can become Kabbalists."

ANSWER: Some basic themes are universal; the deeper levels are entwined with Judaism.

QUESTION 1: "I have been reading a little on Kabbalah, mostly from books from the Kabbalah Center. I have since seen that there are concerns about their authenticity. I am a Christian, and I am aware of Jewish thought concerning us, but to me, to know Kabbalah would be studying the very roots of my own faith as well. Is it even possible for me to grow and understand this treasure, at least a little, if I am not Jewish? I remember reading somewhere that gentiles can study at least some of it if we keep the Noahide Commandments. Is this true? I hope you respond as I need to seek this light."

ANSWER 1: Your question "Is it even possible for me to grow and understand this treasure if I am not Jewish?" is answered by your following sentence "I read somewhere that gentiles can study at least some of it if we keep the Noahide Commandments". Some but not all. Some - not nothing.

QUESTION 2: "So what parts can I study? Bless you for answering me."

ANSWER 2: Whatever will increase your awe and love of G‑d and inspire you to fulfill His Law.

QUESTION: "I am a believing member of a Benei Noach congregation in Tennessee. Is it allowed for me to study the on your website?"

ANSWER: Yes. It is my opinion - not a rabbinical decision - that anything published in English is understood to be available to the whole world. And the same applies to Worldwide Web.

QUESTION: "How does the Kabbalah explain the fundamental difference between Jews and non-Jews?"

ANSWER: See our articles on the subject of tikun, especially Jewish and Non Jewish Tikun

QUESTION: "Can you explain to me the involvement of gentiles in learning Kabbalah?"

ANSWER: For some, because it is currently "in", they think it is cool. For those that are general interested, it can be helpful in their search for G‑d and "truth", even the initial superficial levels.

QUESTION: "Shalom! I am 43 years old male with Jewish wife and 2 Jewish children. I feel very strongly for the Jewish people and I like very much to read the Torah. We have thought of maybe moving to Israel in the future and I feel that I want to be a part of the Jewish people. I am born Christian, and I wonder if and how much it takes to convert to Judaism, or if I can live as a Christian with Jewish values?"

ANSWER: My personal opinion is that for yourself, as an individual, there is no necessity to convert if you don't feel a strong inner desire to do so. You can, as you say, "live as a Christian with Jewish values" and the Al-mighty will be pleased with you.
However, as the father of Jewish children and the husband of a Jewess, you may wish to consider conversion anyway.