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The Cow Jumped Over the Moon
The Zohar says: the red heifer is the 1st step towards unifying with G-d.
The red heifer was required to not have had any yoke on her previously, showing that Nukva (the femimine attribute) is being represented as a virgin in respect to Zeir Anpin (the masculine attribute).
Staying on Track
The Zohar describes our forefather Aaron as the right arm of the Jewish nation.
Aaron was the right arm of Israel. The clouds of glory that directed the Jew's path in the desert were in Aaron's merit and departed when he passed away. The Jews then wandered aimlessly like a person lacking a forearm, who has to support himself at every place possible to avoid falling.
If The Shoe Fits
Our own personas embody the spiritual map of Creation.
The Arizal teaches that every level of spirituality that sends its influence down is called a "seller", and every level receiving is called a "buyer". Any transaction is, therefore, a physical manifestation of a unification in the spiritual worlds.
 Water from the Well
Kabbalah teaches that proper prayer elicits blessings from the most supernal sources.
The well of Miriam, from which the Jewish People drank in the Sinai desert, dried up when she died and then returned in the merit of Moses. When the Israelites camped and wanted water, they would stand on the side of the stream bed and sing a song to that higher spiritual well, i.e. malchut and thus the water would flow.
The Fountain of Rebbe Pinchas
The Zohar expounds on the spiritual profundity of natural springs.
This week's Zohar commentary expounds on the profound concept of a natural spring. In the Zohar, Rebbe Pinchas calls the Shechinah, "a fountain in the gardens". He goes on to say that there are five lower gardens in the supernal spiritual worlds, and, when deemed worthy, this supernal fountain bestows her blessings upon them.
Prayers of the Holy, the Royal and the Destitute
Based on Zohar Bamidbar 195a
A prayer of the poor and afflicted takes priority over and preempts all other prayers of the world because the poor man is broken-hearted and G-d is therefore near to him.
Balaam's Black Magic
Balaam learned the occult arts from fallen angels.
When Adam was created, he sinned and was expelled from G-d's Presence and the angels said: "Our original claim, that it is almost inevitable that he will fall, has been justified.." So G-d cast down these angels from their level of holiness and bound them with metal chains in the mountains of darkness. Balaam found out where these fallen angels were and learned the occult arts from them.
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