Learn Kabbala
Ascent of Safed Your Jewish home in cyberspace and in the North of Israel.  Articles, essays, biographies,searches, hiking, singing, dancing, celebrating...

Gal Einai The site of the pre-eminent English-speaking Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. A huge resource covering an enormous amount of mystical topics, both theoretical and applied

Geula Pathways to the Ultimate Redemption, featuring the holistic Torah teachings of Avraham Sutton

Havi'enu Rabbi Melech Dubrow's website includes an online book on spiritual ascent according to Jewish kabbalistic principles.

Iyyun Writings and teachings of Rabbi DovBer Pinson, the dynamic head of the Iyyun Institute and the Jewish Learning Annex in Brooklyn. The sections on "Kabbalah" and "Holidays" are especially worthwhile, as are his four published books.

Kabbalah Decoded Publishers of books and tapes on kabbala, chassidut and Jewish mysticism.  The website also features interactive kabbala classes by tele-conference with Rabbi Moshe Miller, respected writer and translator.

Kabbala Texts
in Hebrew
Pardes Rimonim and many more kabbalah basic books are now available in their original Hebrew on the internet at this Czech site!

Live Kabbalah Now you can learn authentic Kabbalah live online with LiveKabbalah.com. Join in the live learning, ask questions, gain in knowledge, and be part of a global learning community. Our Kabbalists are masters of the mystical teachings and experts at sharing its knowledge.

Markel, Shimon TrueKabbalah.com provides many excellent articles, courses and audio lectures for both the novice and the advanced student.  Most noteworthy are their courses on the methodology of the Kabbalists and the entire Kabbalistic Knowledge known as the Chaining Down of the Worlds (Seder Hishtalshelut), explained in a detailed and comprehensible manner.

Markel, Yossi TheWellsprings.org contains excellent translations with commentary of "The Gate of Unity" and "Tractate on Ecstasy," important tractates by Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavitch, from the early 1800's. It also features a introduction to Kabbala in many installments, based on the writings of Rabbi Hillel of Paritch.

Project Mind Contains writings, audio files and live classes of Rabbi Avraham Brandwein, one of the foremost legitimate expositors today of the teachings of The Sulam on the Zohar, and the head of Kol Yehuda Yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem. (Annotated in English by Rabbi Avraham Sutton.)

Sha'arei Kedusha Translations by Rabbi Yosef Peretz of one of the primary and more accessible texts of Rabbi Chaim Vital, the main disciple of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the Holy Ari of Safed.

Spiral Kabbala insights for the weekly Torah reading and other topics.

Still Small Voice Sarah Schneider's online correspondence course in Jewish life and learning.

Tanya Online Virtual Tanya lessons! a nicely formatted Hebrew / English Tanya text with explanations, with the option of audio clips (English) of Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniaski’s elaborations. Or one can download the entire lesson (English) as an audio clip.

Yeshivat Benei N'vi'im Articles and courses in Kabbala, and applications in daily life.
Other Kabbala-related Interests
Baal Shem Tov Official website of the Baal Shem Tov Foundation - information on the Besht: Who was he? What did he teach? Includes weekly stories.

Breslov Large and comprehensive Breslov site in several languages linking to many Breslov communities, institutions and services around the world.

Chabad.org Comprehensive Chabad site and one of the largest Jewish learning sites on the internet, featuring daily and weekly study materials, opportunity to ask a rabbi your questions, information about Chabad, the Rebbe and the Rebbe's place of burial, and free subscriptions to a variety of Torah learning.

Hadar HaTorah Official website of the Hadar HaTorah yeshiva in Crown Heights, featuring an extensive down-loadable tape library as well as curriculum information and an online admissions application

Guide to Jewish meditation by the world renowned Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh

Kabbala Art of
Boruch Nachshon
Gallery of pictographic paintings by this chassidic artist living in Israel.

Kabbala Art of Yael & Dov Lederberg Two different styles of mystical art from husband and wife.

Kabbala Art of
Eliyah Succot
Acrylic paintings on kabbalistic themes.

Kabbala Toons A zany yet accurate video cartoon presentation of some major themes in Jewish mysticism. (Click on "Watch this episode".)

Laibl Wolf For seekers in Australia, Laibl Wolf's website offers a free chat room, Ask Laibl and Ask Leah columns, his tour schedule, and books and tapes for sale.

Lazer Beams The most popular chasidic blog on the web. Breslov oriented. Interesting insights into many areas of life.

Likutei Torah Adaptations into English of essays of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad Chassidut.

Modzitz Chassidut Chassidut rich in music - at their unusual website you can hear many songs online composed by the rebbes and their chassidim and also order cassette tapes.

Neirot Foundation A full gamut of topics ranging from the mystical to the mundane, nicely and clearly presented.

Nishmas Chayim The Yeshiva's web site offers a wealth of on-line Torah learning including an archive of Weekly Reading insights and a Guide to Jewish Customs in the Light of Chassidut.

Ohr Chadash An advanced gematria search program, audio classes with Avraham Aryeh Trugman, and other interesting features.

Orot Beautiful website with many explications of the deep and mystical Torah of HaRav Kook, contemporary articles, book reviews and online ordering.

Sichos In English The full text of several books is available online here, downloadable to Palm Pilot, as well as audio files, a Jewish calendar and a kid's corner.

Zissel's list of Kivray-Tzadikim Claiming to provide "information about everything", this is a Jewish website entailing Jewish history, especially in Tzfat, plus numerous other links.
More Jewish Places to Learn on the World Wide Web
Ascent of Safed Your Jewish home in cyberspace and in the North of Israel.  Articles, essays, biographies,searches, hiking, singing, dancing, celebrating...

Askmoses Everything you ever wanted to know about Judaism but were afraid (or didn't know who) to ask. Rabbis and Jewish scholars answer your questions in real time, 24/6, in complete confidentiality.

Ask Noah Questions and answers in many languages and recommended books and other resources for the gentile searching for Torah guidance.

Baal Shem Tov slide show A graphically and historically interesting presentation of the origins of the Chasidic movement, from the Safed-Breslov site.

B'or haTorah Science, art, math and philosophy illuminated with the light of Torah in an online e-zine.

Chassidus.net An amateur site offering background information on a variety of Chassidic groups and their rebbes, many stories of the Rebbes, commentary on Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the Fathers) and a glossary of Yiddish and Hebrew terms.

Holy Sparks Artwork of inspirational artist Rae Eckman.

Jewish Torah Audio Online audio-video Jewish learning and mail order for hundreds of audio and video tapes.

Jonah JONAH is a non-profit international organization dedicated to educating the world-wide Jewish community about the prevention, intervention, and healing of the underlying issues causing same-sex attractions. If you are confused by same-sex attractions or know someone who is and desire help, or if you just want to know where orthodox Judaism stands on this issue, this website is the place to start.

Kaluach Online Hebrew calendar, and smooth conversion to and from Gregorian dates.

Kehot Books Order online from an extensive selection of English language books on Torah and chassidus published by Kehot.

Letter in the Torah Learn how kosher Torah scrolls are produced and inscribed, and buy a letter in a sefer Torah.

Meaningful Life Rabbi Simon Jacobson's web site - Week in Review, World in Turmoil, Israel in Crisis, the Wednesday Night Class on tapes, books, ask the rabbi and more.

Manis Freidman Jewish teachings for women by world renowned educator Rabbi Manis Freidman, online articles and a catalog of books and tapes.

Moshiach.com Lots of information and current articles on the coming of Moshiach, people who may be remnants of the lost tribes, and interactive tour of the Holy Temple and more.

Noahide Laws Explanations, articles and videos about the seven basic moral laws for all mankind.

The Ohel Learn about the Lubavitcher Rebbe; fax or email a prayer to be placed at his tombstone.

Thirty-Six Website of the prolific author, Pinchas Winston, with essays, parshah sheets and online ordering of his books.

Science & Torah The Torah Science Foundation seeks to implement a new constructive paradigm for the unification of Divine and secular knowledge.

Think Jewish RealAudio Torah classes from Chabad.

Yiddishkeit.org Online Torah library and abundant links and reviews.

There is One Gutman Locks' website offers a terrific movie explaining the concepts of Lights and Vessels, discussions on spiritual perspectives in text and streaming audio, and some really cool videos of him in action at the Western Wall.

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