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The Zohar

Teachings from the primary text of Kabbala, "The Book of Shining Light"

Kabbalah teaches that everything in the revealed world depends on the higher hidden world, its source.

Of Blessings and Curses
Some anger is rooted in holiness.
A Broken Heart
Audio | 30:00
A Broken Heart
Based on Zohar Miketz 202a
The Good Inclination requires the joy of the Torah; the Evil Inclination, the joy of wine, immorality, and pride.
Paths of Blessing
Paths of Blessing
Ultimately, the Torah provides the way to a blessed existence.
Turn Around
The Zohar emphasizes that nothing can stand in the way of repentance.
The Delicate Heart
"You Jews do not eat of an animal found dead nor one not ritually slaughtered... yet you are all ill and broken more than all other peoples."

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