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The Zohar

Teachings from the primary text of Kabbala, "The Book of Shining Light"

Kabbalah teaches that everything in the revealed world depends on the higher hidden world, its source.

Listening From/To the Tent
Sarah was the only woman to whom G-d ever spoke directly!
A Name in the World to Come
Kabbalah explains that a perfected soul is one that is connected to the World to Come.
Anticipating <i>Hei </i>Day
The Final Redemption unfolds according to schedule
Fire and Water
Unbridled kindness allows even evil to exist.
Generous Unifications
When one gives charity, he causes the Holy Name to become complete.
Pure From Impure
Audio | 12:16
Pure From Impure
Based on Zohar Breishit 102B
Using the Tree of Life to rectify the Tree of Knowledge
Remembering the Good
Based on Zohar Breishit 104A
When G-d loves a person, He sends him a gift. And what is this gift? It is a poor man.

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