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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

All an Accident
Exile is a state of temporary penitence.
The Torah teaches that a Jewish person's essential nature is to oppose sin, so as not to become separated from G-dliness; any sin is really committed by accident. Just as the accidental sinner exiled himself to a City of Refuge, so too, the Jewish people were exiled because of accidental sins.
Soul Journeys
Soul Journeys
Each person has his mission to accomplish on his life journey.
Parashat Masei begins with a listing of all of the 42 stops the Jewish people made on their way from Egypt to Israel. Our mystical tradition teaches that just as there were 42 journeys from Egypt to Israel, so each person makes 42 primary life journeys. Whiles on our journey we should constantly endeavor to fulfill our own unique mission in life.
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