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Mystical Forty-two Journeys
The Jewish mystics teach that each one of us travels 42 journeys in our lives.
There were forty-two journeys in all. The Israelites distorted the nature of these places through their deeds. Had they not distorted these places, each one would have revealed its hidden light.
42 Journeys of the Soul
The Messianic age will elevate the entire universe, including all the spiritual realms.
The 42 specific encampments in the desert served to spiritually lift the forces of holiness out of the reach, so to speak, of the forces of evil, by elevating the spiritual hierarchy back up to its origins within the 42 components in the "womb" of bina, where evil has no hold.
Improvement Stations
The Jewish People had specific spiritual improvements to make at each of the 42 stations until they would become refined and prepared to enter into the Land. In some places they camped for a year and in others for only 12 hours, according to the work to be done at each one.
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