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Releasing the Captive Sparks
Mystical Classics
Zohar teaches that the purpose of the Israelites' trek through the desert was to enable the Israelites to seek out isolated sparks of sanctity and to release them from captivity. This required total sanctity, i.e. a combination of the complete sanctity of Israel, the Divine Presence and the holy Torah.
Vows and Dwelling Places
Chasidic Masters
"If a person will make a vow to G-d"

These words can also be interpreted to mean "to create a dwelling place". Every Jew has a soul which is descended from the source of all Holiness and is intrinsically G-dly and he must prepare a dwelling place for this G-dly soul in the upper worlds.
42 Journeys of the Soul
Contemporary Kabbalists
The 42 specific encampments in the desert served to spiritually lift the forces of holiness out of the reach, so to speak, of the forces of evil, by elevating the spiritual hierarchy back up to its origins within the 42 components in the "womb" of bina, where evil has no hold.
All an Accident
Ascent Lights
The Torah teaches that a Jewish person's essential nature is to oppose sin, so as not to become separated from G-dliness; any sin is really committed by accident. Just as the accidental sinner exiled himself to a City of Refuge, so too, the Jewish people were exiled because of accidental sins.
How to Act in Exile
Mystic Story
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