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Rooted in the Supernal Image
The Zohar
G-d created man and his spiritual light shone from the highest to the lowest worlds. But Adam sinned and his two sons, as well. When Jacob's descendants received the Torah at Mount Sinai and erected the Tabernacle, the world was finally established, and all the worlds, physical and spiritual, were completed and in harmony again.
Standards of Celestial Conduct
Mystical Classics
"Every man shall encamp by his own standard, with the sign of their fathers house."

Rashi comments that each standard was to have a colored cloth hanging in it, the color corresponding to that of the stone in the breastplate of the High Priest on which the name of that tribe was engraved. Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra comments that the four signs on the four main standards were similar to the four figures that the prophet Ezekiel saw in the Divine Chariot.
Heads and Skulls
Chasidic Masters
The verse mandating the nation's census says lit.: "Raise the heads of the Jewish people to their skulls..."

G-d commands Moses to take the soul's lower desire - born of the soul's head and brain, and clothed in human consciousness - and elevate it to its source and root: the soul's essence which hovers above, transcendent, a level at which the essence of G-d is fully revealed.
The Sons of Levi
Contemporary Kabbalists
The Levites were divided into three clans, each assigned the job of erecting, dismantling, and transporting the different components of the Tabernacle. These three divisions reflect the spiritual components of the Tabernacle we construct for G-d within the context of our own lives.
Revelations in the Desert
Ascent Lights
The Jewish people receive the Torah in the Sinai desert, a barren uninhabitable place; Sinai is also a homonym of the Hebrew word for "hate". Thus, "hate" and "desert" are necessary components for preparing to receive the Torah.

A person must make him or herself like a "desert" to be a vessel for the Torah. Yet a Jew must also have the element of "sina", hatred, when learning Torah; it is not enough to bar distraction - one must actually hate anything outside of the Torah world.
Aliyah Funding
Mystic Story
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