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Fragrance of Good Intentions
The holy Altar helps destroy the negative as well as elevate the positive.
The Zohar states that every sin committed by man creates an accusing angel - a negative, destructive spiritual force. When, after confession, a person places his hands on the sacrificial animal he offers in expiation of his sin, he transfers this spiritually negative force to the animal to be slaughtered, whereby it is subdued and neutralized.
Smoke of Space, Time and Soul
Nadab and Abihu were able to access the "inner"
The "ashan" [spelled ayin, shin, nun, meaning 'smoke'] of the incense offering is an acronym for the concepts Space, Time, and Soul - in Hebrew: Olam, Shana, Nefesh. Once a year (i.e. Time) on Yom Kippur we are children (i.e. Soul) of the Lord our G-d, and our representative, the High Priest, enters His innermost sanctum (i.e. Space).
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