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A Chip Off the Old Block
Joseph was an extension of his father, Jacob
The Zohar relates the Forefathers to the sefirot. Abraham represents chesed/kindness, Isaac gevura/severity, and Jacob, the mediator between the two, represents tiferet/balance and beauty. Rebbe Shimon continues that theme in the section of the Zohar interpreting this Torah reading and teaches that Joseph represents the sefira of yesod, meaning "foundation".
Tough Love
When a person's soul is weak, the Holy One doesn't have any desire to draw this person close to Him. THus, that person's paths are smoothed out and it appears as though he lacks nothing. Should he do a charitable act or good deed, G-d pays his reward in this world so that he should have no part in the spiritual World to Come.
The Joseph Channel
Based on Zohar Breishit 189B
The flow and provisions provided by Divine Providence reach the world through the righteous, yet the righteous themselves do not receive them. Thus, whatever Joseph did even while imprisoned, prospered. If he had something in his hand but his master asked for something else, what was in his hand would turn into that which his master wanted.

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