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Evil Crouching at the Door
The Zohar
The Zohar teaches that the Evil Inclination is constantly ready to cause a person to do wrong in the eyes of G-d, demand "needs" at any particular time, and doesn't leave a person from the time he is born until the day he dies. This same Inclination then goes on to prosecute the person in the spiritual after-world for his acting on those demands.
Fall of the City of Knowledge
The Holy Ari
Bela ben Beor was the first of the Edomite kings mentioned in this week's Torah reading. He is considered to be the same as Balaam or at least personifications of the same spiritual archetype.

Balaam was a prophet similar in stature to Moses. Moses personified daat on the side of holiness and Balaam personify daat on the side of evil, personifying strict judgment.
Messengers of the Righteous
Mystical Classics
According to some scholars, Jacob sent flesh and blood messengers up ahead to his brother Esau; others claim that they were angels.

Actually, there were two sets of emissaries, since the struggle between Jacob and his adversary occurred on two levels: the physical and the spiritual; Esau in this world and Sam-kel in the celestial regions.
The Ox and the Donkey
Chasidic Masters
The Jewish people will ultimately be saved from the evil inclination by the Mashiach ben Joseph and Mashiach ben David. (Joseph is called the "head" of the tribes, while David, composer of Psalms, is the "heart.") Together they will cleanse the minds and hearts of the Jewish people and redeem them from the evil inclination.
Two Final Stages
Contemporary Kabbalists
The Jewish people were subjugated over the course of history by four kingdoms. The final subjugation, immediately preceding the messianic age, is under Rome. Our present exile is seen as an extension of the Roman subjugation, since western civilization shares the values and worldview of ancient Rome.
Recognizing the Enemy, Within
Ascent Lights
Jacob perceived Esau as a righteous person who was angry with him! "There must be some problematic issue within me," Jacob said to himself. Therefore, to open the discussion, he bowed seven times, indicating that he lowered himself seven levels to communicate with Esau in an appropriate way.
Power Books
Power Books
Mystical Story
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