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Evil Kindness
The third Edomite King manifests the antithesis of holy love.
The third king of Edom is Chusham, who personified evil chesed, siphoning off for itself the holy chesed intended for Nukva.

Since coupling between Zeir Anpin and Nukva is dependent on the issuance of holy chesed and coupling occurs in secret, this king is called "Chusham", from the word for "secret".
Royal Rectifications
Via the Kings of Edom, Kabbalah explains the healing process of the entire Creation.
According to the Zohar, the sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil comprised the three cardinal sins that a Jew is commanded to lay down his life rather than transgress: idolatry, murder, and infidelity.

The Arizal teaches us that Abraham rectified the sin of idolatry when he was thrown into the fiery furnace in Ur. Isaac was attempting to have Esau rectify the murder-aspect of Adam's sin by having him bring him a two-flavored dish acquired by killing. Rebecca sought to rectify Adam's sin of listening to his wife for improper purposes by having her son listen to her for proper purposes.
Fall of the City of Knowledge
The Holy Ari
Bela ben Beor was the first of the Edomite kings mentioned in this week's Torah reading. He is considered to be the same as Balaam or at least personifications of the same spiritual archetype.

Balaam was a prophet similar in stature to Moses. Moses personified daat on the side of holiness and Balaam personify daat on the side of evil, personifying strict judgment.
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