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Sparks in Sodom - Part 1
G-d wanted to bring forth the souls of Israel that had been stored away from before Creation until this moment.
Lot was rescued from Sodom in order to recover the soul of the Mashiach which was latent in him. Therefore, the three angels - Michael, who announced to Abraham that Sarah was going to have a child - Gabriel, who overturned Sodom - and Raphael, who rescued Lot, came together all at once instead of one after the other.
Strength in Unity
Kabbalah teaches that Abraham's advisors each had a spiritual agenda.
Abraham had three friends: Einar, Eshkol, and Mamre. The Ari teaches that Mamre personified the states of gevura within the feminine archetype, which seek to couple and thereby be sweetened; as long as Abraham was uncircumcised, he could not couple and thus Mamre advised him to circumcise himself.
In the Heat of the Day
Job came to help rectify Abraham's father
The Ari explains that Abraham brought merit to his father Terah, originally an idol worshipper, due to his extraordinary holiness. G-d promised Abraham: "You will come to your fathers in peace.", meaning that Terah would repent and his soul would rest in paradise.
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