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Spreading the Light
The Torah says that G-d appeared to "him"; it seems obvious that G-d appeared only to Abraham, but it doesn't say this since G-d actually appeared not only to Abraham but to every member of his household and all the people of the world benefited from this newly revealed light of G-d.
The First Jewish Delicatessen
Kabbala teaches that all physical substances represent spiritual forms of energy. Dairy products are associated with chesed, whereas meat products reflect gevura. Though both elements are crucial in order to maintain a healthy balance in life, the attribute of chesed must always overpower the attribute of gevura.
Towards Liberation Consciousness
All evil and suffering are judgments, and judgments are only sweetened in their root by a tzadik who raises all the judgments to bina, where they are sweetened. However, if the tzadik himself is stricken and has fallen into a state of constricted consciousness, he is unable to free himself.
Empty Vessels
Before Abraham was visited by G-d, he was on the level of the 49th gate of understanding, the upmost level at which a human being can interact with the Infinite through his own efforts. When G-d visited Abraham, He granted him the fiftieth gate.
At the moment when Abraham heard the words "the one you love", his love for Isaac was invested with all the love in the world that parents feel for their children. At that moment G‑d said, "Take Isaac! This is how much I want from you!" Abraham passed the test and gave all of his love over to G‑d.
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