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Turning Wickedness Upside Down
Sodom and Gomorrah embody the fallen version of the lights of Tohu
In Kabbala, Sodom and Gomorra embody the fallen version of the lights of Tohu, intense and single-minded divine energies that cannot be confined to vessels and cannot coexist with one another.

Sodom and Gomorra had to be destroyed entirely, just as the world of Tohu was destroyed so that the world of Tikun, the world of less intense light and more concrete vessels, could be built out of its ruins.
Planting a Hereditary Jewish Trait
That Abraham inspired others was more precious to G-d than all of Abraham's personal spiritual accomplishments.
G‑d's affection for Abraham stemmed primarily from the fact that he educated both his family and his followers in the ways of monotheism and G‑dly morality. The fact that he taught and inspired others was more precious to G‑d than all of Abraham's personal spiritual accomplishments as well as the tests he overcame.
Abraham's Hospitality
Hosting guests is greater than receiving the Divine Presence
"Abraham walked with them to escort them."

Abraham demonstrated how an integral part of hospitality is for hosts to be attentive to their guests' feelings, aside from their physical needs. Although escorting a guest does benefit him materially, it is primarily a symbolic gesture of reluctance to part, serving to assuage the guest's apprehension over having imposed on his host.
Ultimate Desire
Aligning our intentions with those of the Creator
The main accomplishment and benefit gained in the performance of a mitzvah is the actual effort itself. Even after Abraham prepared the feast for his guests, they did not eat because they were angels. Similarly, in the test of the binding of Isaac, he ultimately did not slaughter his son. Rather, the many arrangements and traveling and personal preparations [mentally, emotionally and spiritually] are considered as if the mitzvah had actually come to fruition.
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