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THEMES of Featured Ascent Lights

Divine Visitations
We are commanded to behave in a G-dly manner.
We are commanded to emulate G-d by visiting the sick, even if merely to ask after their well-being. This does not apply only to visiting the sick, but through anything we do for another Jew - we must act selflessly, doing acts of kindness for their own sake.
Let Your Love Light Shine
Taking in guests opens up the spiritual source of blessings.
This Torah reading begins with Abraham welcoming guests, who are, in fact, messenger angels. The Talmud writes that taking in guests is "greater than receiving the Divine Presence", and we see that Abraham interrupted a revelation from G-d in order to invite passers-by to his home.
If necessary, we must even go against our own nature to save others.
"Abraham approached and said, would You wipe out the righteous with the evildoer?"

When a Jewish life can be saved, be it physical or spiritual life, it is forbidden to think "I can't deal with this". We are required to immediately use all available methods to the best of our ability in order to help. And if this requires us to go totally against our nature and "speak harshly" - then that is what we must do.
Quietly Carrying On
The Final Redemption will come about through action, as well as humility.
By receiving from G-d an additional hei to their name, Abraham and Sarah each became more effective vessels for G-d's blessings and merited a miracle. Abraham merited that G-d revealed Himself to him and Sarah well past childbearing age, was blessed with news of a son.
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